Monday, October 6, 2008

Section 1: Setting

The most important part of any game is the setting, why should we play? Mmo's are unique from single player games in that content is generally less story based & cinematic, but generally offers much wider choices.

My game would be high fantasy, yes there are a number of other games in this genre but it works. Magic, swords, knights on horseback, the whole bit, no reason to change it.

Most of the world history would be based on the four elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. When the gods of this world created the planet, they created a sovereign race to embody each element: Elves for air, Humans for fire, Terzak (a lizard-like humanoid race) for water, and Dwarves for earth. The gods did not reveal the existance of a fifth element: Void.

Each race has its own lands, and rulers. They are sovereign independant states which conduct trade with each other as well as battle for territory. After centuries of status quo, the forces of void invade the land. I see the forces of void being the classic undead, skeletal in nature.

The primary struggle in the world is the forces of void versus the other four elements, but there are sub-struggles. Elves and dwarves, being polar elemental opposites frequently fight with each other, as do humans and terzak. Since this is also a fantasy game, there would also be various wandering monsters, pirates, marauders, things of that nature.

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