Monday, October 13, 2008

I can breath again!

I havent been able to blog for about a week, we here in the US were in the midst of what experts like to call a "market correction" or as a coworker put it, ANARCHY! Ok, not really anarchy, but people are concerned, scared, and may have over-reacted which may itself have worsened the situation.

Anyways, Wow is having its own "correction": patch day! I am pretty excited about the whole thing. This will be my first major patch in Wow (I started when BC was relatively new, but everything had been implemented). I am VERY excited to see how Ret paladins end up, although I will probably stay Prot (while big damage numbers are fun, killing 5 mobs at once is MORE fun). I'm also excited to see the changes to Prot warriors and how their DPS improves (I have a prot warrior, and although I find warrior tanking easier on single mobs, they just arent as fun in general to me). Mages and Warlocks look unchanged, so nothing else really on the class front for another month.

And a yay for Inscription, I've been gathering and hitting Dark moon Faire, and getting herbs every way I know how to prepare. I am looking forward to more crafting goodness :)

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