Thursday, October 16, 2008

More about 3.02

Well, a few observations about 3.02. First of all, looks like XP to go from 60-70 is about half what it used to be. Thats goodness for me in my preparations for northrend. Now I won't feel bad about my 30 alts.

I noticed something in going through the auction house. Some gear which added damage to certain spell types changed, but some retained it's bonus. I saw a mantle of Arcane which still had it's + damage to Arcane, not spell power, however in checking my lowbie mage, my azure silk pants had been changed over to spell power. I believe if it was a white bonus to a school, it retained that coding, but anything that was "on equip" or yellow text seems to have changed to spellpower.

I tanked an instance for the first time after the patch, I enjoy the changed wholeheartedly. Besides the warrior charging in after my shield throw (I told him repeatedly not to do it, I know they take longer to get here, seriously, if you want to fight everything first, roll prot and tank yourself). I really like the improvement to Righteous Fury where we generate 90% more threat from holy (up from 30%). I settled into a pretty stable rotation of holy shield, Consecrate, and the 51-point prot talent (I forget the name). I had no problem holding all mobs, save when I was feared, and usually when I got feared, they chased after me. I actually lost my shield during the run (poor planning on my part) and was still able to hold aggro just through the use of consecrate and the final talent.

And yes, I now have a second shield in my bag at all times, lesson learned.

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