Friday, October 31, 2008

Onyxia is our bitch!!

I was deciding what to do last night when one of my guildies mentioned in guild chat that they wanted to try Onyxia. Now, I run dustwallow marsh with every character I make from lvl 36 to 42, so I know exactly where her lair is, I've just never been inside. I also know from reading that it was an old school lvl 60 40 man raid.

A few of our more epic'd out members decided they wanted to run it. We had a prot paladin, a holy paladin, a couple of rogues, a hunter and me (a regular geared 69 prot pally).

The dragon-kin leading up to the actual lair part were ridiculously easy, probably could have solo'd them.

Onyxia herself has LOTS of health. I will say, the part I enjoyed the most is when she sent out her lil whelps. I dunno how many there were, but there were a LOT, which made for a lot of AOE goodness. I wish we'd had a mage to blizzard them. OK, I'm an AOE whore, I just like to see lots of mobs ticking down damage.

It took a while, I ended up switching to sort of off healing (my beating on her while completely ineffectual from a damage standpoint was regaining me mana). 400 points a hit when you're looking at a million HP is a drop in the bucket but even our holy pally's phat epic healz (lol) could be helped with a flash of light every now and then.

Anyways, end result, nobody died, I ended up with the head and a few shards from the useless epics. We got the achievement, and it was pretty fun. Maybe next time when we go back, I will main tank it. . .

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