Monday, October 20, 2008

Arms warriors in 3.02

I decided to re-spec my warrior (a waste of 5g, considering I could have done this for free a week ago, but oh well). I definately like the changes to prot warrior, but I prefer prot paladin for tanking and I believe that tree to be superior pretty much in every way (except Pvp, where prot has always been severely lacking and will continue to be so, such is the trade off for Pve utility). I went into the Arms tree, and I'm exceptionally happy with my decision. My favorite fury ability (sweeping strikes) got moved into the Arms tree, so it was an easy decision. While I like dual wielding and titans grip looks interesting (provided you stack enough +hit gear to make it useful), Arms just has way more talents that make me go ooooh.

I got a few hours on sunday to mess with this build and let me tell you, its everything I wanted out of a warrior. I had to switch weapons (I was using shadowrend longblade, not exactly suitable for an arms build). I went pole-axe spec, which seems the only way to go for an orc. I'm just waiting for a decent axe, or polearm, the hellreaver would be a nice start, but its never dropped for this character despite 10+ attempts. Anyways, the arms talents are so much fun. I had always passed over execute because it seemed like a complete waste, yes it's garaunteed to finish them, but you blow all your rage, and most of the damage is wasted. Now, it seems to proc fairly often and the burst damage is impressive. I also was able to execute sweeping strikes with cleave (I wish cleave was instant, but beggars cant be choosers), and the ending arms talent (which seems to be a super 6s whirlwind) against groups, and that was pretty fun. I actually got a lot of use out of the HoT I got for herbalism (I guess I could be swigging potions, but this is free).

The net effect of the change, my XP/hr was greatly improved over prot although nowhere near to the prot paladin (you'll have that when you cant take 5 mobs at a time). Burst damage was greatly increased and will be even better once I get a suitable weapon. I did not notice a significant decrease in mitigation against normal mobs, I will try tanking an instance tonight with just a weapons switch. I believe that although I will have less health and armor than a prot warrior, and of course lose devestate, I will still retain shield slam, sunder armor, and taunts which should allow me to be effective.

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