Thursday, October 16, 2008

The best thing I've read in the past few weeks. . .

This comes courtesy of Critical QQ (Which has been an amazing read of late for Mage-y type info):

Here’s how to enjoy frost in the next couple weeks.

Print off a map of Outland, tape it to a wall you don’t mind getting a hole or two in.
Throw a dart at the map, while Blindfolded. Whatever zone you hit, fly there to whatever flight point is most convenient.
When you land, pick a direction at random (jumping while spinning your mouse rapidly works quite well).
Whatever direction you ended up facing, go that way.

And utterly dominate everything in your path.
Repeat as needed.

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krizzlybear said...

A general rule of thumb of frost mage domination:
- if it can be snared, rooted, or stunned, it is going to die.
- remember to take bathroom breaks.