Monday, October 27, 2008

Blizzard, I want my $1.53 back!!

Dear Blizzard,

For as long as I have been playing your game "World of Warcraft", it has given me a generally enjoyable experience. For this reason, it makes the events of the past week that much more shocking. Blizzard, I want a refund of $1.53, which amounts to three days worth of game time. Three days which were completely wasted due to your implementation of the "zombie invasion mechanic". Although I despise PvP, I put up with it, and you have made it possible to enjoy the game in certain areas without fear of random attack and instant death. Until now. I spent over an hour getting ganked, dying, and running back to my body with NO DEFENSE. I was rendered completely unable to accomplish anything in any large cities due to this inconvenience.
I have accepted the fact that games, MMO's in particular have "time sink" mechanics designed to waste a player's time. Never has it been this overt. Since apparently you saw fit to make me completely unable to accomplish anything worthwhile in the game, I want my $1.53 that I spent for this period of time refunded.
I have enjoyed your game for the past 2 years. If something like this happens ever again, I'm canceling my account. There are other things I can spend my money on that don't involve warcraft. As a matter of fact, writing this has made me wonder why I continue your game in the first place.

A disgruntled user