Thursday, October 30, 2008

I rolled a _______ because. . . .

Gnomeaggedon posted a blog quiz entitled "I rolled a fire mage because. . ." I think it is an interesting thing to think about. Why did we choose our first characters, did we stick with it? Were we correct in our assumptions?

My first character was a paladin named Leshif. I was going to name him Lefish, but a friend/coworker who had been playing Wow for a while convinced me if I reversed the last name, I would have a better shot of not having the name be taken. It seems to have worked, according to the armory, there is only 1 Leshif on US realms.

I picked a paladin because I wanted to be able to wear heavy armor, fight with weapons and heal myself. I pretty much have always played some variation of that in every game, even back to the original Elder Scrolls (I'm talking Arena here, one of my favorite RPG's EVER). I originally specc'd retribution, again because my friend who was playing at the time told me that was the way to go. Apparently unbeknown to me on Pvp servers Paladin = target. This was actually a motivation for switching to a PvE server (I want to play what I want to play, I don't want to have to play something else to keep people from killing me).

I've since rolled every class in the game, I've even rolled a few other paladins. I must admit, I prefer the look of Humans, I even stopped playing my paladin for a while (my warrior hit outlands first on that server). I always come back to paladins. Lately with the changes that were made, protection is pretty much the paladin I always saw myself playing. I can fight multiple groups at a time, they may not die fast, but they die. I can heal myself, and I wear heavy armor. Honestly, I was fine with protection before the changes, it is just a lot more fun now.

So yeah, I think I made a pretty good choice. Thats not to say I dont enjoy playing other classes, I just enjoy paladins most of all. . .

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