Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everyone needs goals. . .

So I've decided on goals for my characters. I basically figured I wanted to select one attainable goal for each character before Wrath releases.

Paladin: Sun Eater - I want it, I've wanted it since the first time I saw it. There may be other weapons with better stats but this is seriously the best looking weapon I've ever seen. This means running heroic mechanar at least once (yeah, I'm sure it won't drop on the first run).

Warrior: Blacksmithing - I had my blacksmithing up to about 280 on the paladin. I dropped it for enchanting. I won't really go into the reasoning, but I think it was a solid decision. That having been said I think a warrior is a good choice for blacksmithing. Although a decision to make is do I go armorcrafting or Axesmithing? I went away from protection on this character to Arms, so Axecrafting may be a more solid choice.

Warlock - Level 58 - I checked at home last night, this char is currently at lvl 48, with presumably max rested XP. I would like to hit lvl 58 so I can push through my tailoring and enchanting. I have stacks of netherweave waiting. We'll see how that goes.

Mage - Lvl 35 and work on Inscription - I leveled inscription to 120ish on the first night with herbs I'd banked. I have some more waiting, but not much in the way of mid level herbs, so I'll have to gather those. I like inscription, I think it provides a minor functional boost and I'm a crafting whore so what else can I do?

I have a number of other characters of course (and I'm not even counting the 20 or so alliance alts I have floating around). I've ignored any leather wearers for a few reasons. A) I have been less motivated to play them, B) I dont have a high level skinner, so I havent been able to make any crafted leather goodies, and C) similar to A, I've found my efforts are best left to leveling a smaller group of alts. I dont care for rogues, so I don't have a horde one anymore. I love druids, but I dont like Tauren, so I just never play my horde druid. Shamans are cool, but never really had the burning desire to play one.

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