Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wow, I think its time we see other people. . .

It feels like breaking up, it really does. I posted before that I wasnt done with the game, I still had things to do. I said I would know when I was "done" with the game. I'm there. A weird thing happened when I hit 70, the game changed completely.

I'd read about it on others' blogs, I thought I was mentally prepared for it, but I guess it's one of those things you can never appreciate fully till it happens to you. As a lvl 68-69 I was great, mostly in blues, I tanked Shattered Halls, I was running upper level content, everything was great. I would AOE grind on the orcs in the bone wastes for their marks, everything was great. When I hit 70, everything changed. There was no more experience, the only thing till the expansion was the pursuit of gear.

This left me in a curious position. I could grind mobs for reputation (25 rep per mark of sargeras, which doesnt necessarily drop from every mob, 12,000 rep to get the breastplate I want, blech!). I could grind battlegrounds for reputation (I DESPISE Pvp, this option would probably consist of me AFKing while playing guitar hero till I got enough points). I could grind instances (lets see, how many times do I need to run to get the piece of gear I want, so I can run something higher to get some other piece of gear I want, how many times can I run before 11/14?). There is also the small matter of being about 500g short of a flying mount with no real money making abilities, so I'd have to find some way to grind for gold too.

An additional issue that has been weighing heavily on my mind is how things will operate when the expansion hits. Daggerspine is a medium to high population Pvp server. I would guess a good percentage of them have either high end Pvp or high end Pve gear, or both. I have neither. The visions I have dancing through my head are of highly geared players (take your pick, rogue, druid, mage, warlock, basically anybody NOT a warrior) ganking me repeatedly while I'm trying to level. The only alternative would be to move to a PvE server and leave all my friends on the Pvp server (something I tried, and why I have characters on azuremyst, it was not satisfying to me for different reasons).

Basically I feel like I'm stuck, more stuck than I was when I came back. Stuck past a point where time and effort will fix it. So, sorry Wow, I think its time we see other people. I may see ya around, but for now I think this is best for both of us.

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