Friday, November 7, 2008

Class: It's not the clothes I wear, it's who I am. . .

I will be the first to admit, I have a LOT of alts. I think it helps me understand the game better. However, I always go back to the paladin. To me, combat is straightforward, we put on heavy armor, I beat on you, you beat on me, you fall over first, I win. I think it is what drew me to tanking. I also think its why I had a big problem playing priests and mages (oh crap, the monster has gotten to me, AHHHHH!!!). Like my class I am straightforward, long term. My goal is not to do the most damage, be able to take the most damage. I want survivability. Do your worst, I can take it.

Paladins suit me. Other classes may have cool abilities, and/or be able to engage in activities that are fun (AOE grinding for the win!!!), paladin is what I always come back to. Its not to say I don't appreciate other classes: Druids with their utility are the true swiss army knives of the game, warlocks with their drain tanking and selection of pets, mages with their AOE damage (oh the AOE!!), warriors. . .which I would be really attracted to if they could heal themselves. . .but then they would be paladins that do more damage lol.

ok, rant time. If you rolled a Rogue on a PvE server and you don't BG or Arena, this probably does not apply to you. Oh, and I apologize in advance for the language, but it loses the effect if the offending language is removed.

What the hell kind of douchebag does it take to roll Rogue on a PvP server? I know you didnt roll it because you wanted to stand toe to toe and slug with someone, if you did, you'd be a warrior. No, you made a character to ruin other players' time. What kind of person goes "I want to make a character to kill people who can't fight back". Thats what stun-locking is. You don't have "epic skillz", you're an asshole who only wants to pick on people without retribution (no paladin pun intended). You are a large reason I am quitting warcraft, you and the fact that blizzard enabled you in the first place. Yes, I'm bitter.

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