Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If you only had 5 days of Wow left. . .

I cancelled my Wow subscription last night. After the bit about the crying peon, they were nice enough to inform me I could continue to play until nov 10th, when my paid time expires. Now, inside of me, I have an older jewish man, his name is Ira Goldman. Ira yells at me if I waste money or make "frivolous" purchases. Ira will not allow me to "waste" the 5 days of Wow I have remaining.

So, I have a level 70 prot paladin, some blues, some auctionable items, an assload of alts, and about 400g. What do I want to do with my remaining wow time?

1. Off tank Karazan - I know I cant main tank it, but I would like to at least see it.

2. See how high of instances I can solo. I am definately going to solo scarlet monastery, I may try black rock depths for fun, we'll see from there.

3. Master enchanting. 300, thats it, not 375, I should have enough mats and such to do this, and I have money to burn.

4. Heroic Mechanar till the sun eater drops. If I can do heroic underbog, I can do heroic mechanar. Provided we have a warlock to summon me (no flier).

5. Complete my gear set. Right now my shield (although allegedly being an upper level item) looks like something you'd get from a level 1 quest. I'm also wearing pretty basic boots and my chest came from ramps.

I dont think those are very major. No grinding, no having to get 900 gold for a flyer, should be done fairly easily. I'll get to what I get to. . .


LarĂ­sa said...

It's sad to see you leaving, since I guess you won't be blogging about WoW anymore. I've liked your blog during its short existence.

I hope you'll find enjoyment and entertainment in another game - or even in real life... :)

Good luck!

PS Don't forget to log out in a beautiful spot. You can't desert your toon unrepaired, doing some crap, can you? He deserves better. Let him finish his life in Azeroth with some dignity.

Fish said...

That part I had already decided on. I'm going to log in silvermoon city. Its sort of poetic, back to the beginning.

I still intend to keep up with the goings on in azeroth and northrend. I enjoy blogging almost as much as the actual game.

Maybe its not for good and I just need a break. There is a lot about Wow you just cant get from any other game. . .