Monday, November 3, 2008

Ding 70. . . .Now what?

I dont know what I was expecting. I thought level 70 would be some kind of momentous occasion that would see a drastic jump in power and make me instantly able to do things I couldnt at 69. I thought wrong. What it really made me was frustrated and slightly confused.

Right after dinging 70, I went to do some quests to get some gold (I'm broke from crafting and buying some gear for leveling, I have like 300g on my main), I got ganked a few times. I went to go try to grind Aldor reputation because the breastplate from revered with them is a major upgrade (12,000 freaking rep!!!), I got ganked. As a matter of fact, the only activity I can engage in which doesnt cause me to get ganked is run instances. Since I no longer get experience, I'm spending an hour running through something for one piece of gear (maybe 2 if I'm lucky), which generally won't drop, to repeat the cycle to get better gear. An alternative to this cycle is to engage in Pvp (either arena or battleground), neither of which I have any interest in.

I've always seen this as a weakness of Wow. Not really a weakness per se, but an area of concern for me. I've never been interested in 25 man raids. I like instances, but not really in and of themselves, more as an avenue to improve my character. I really like crafting. However, crafting requires gathering or an insane amount of money.

So, Nov 13th I have 10 more levels to look forward to. I can get ganked by deathknights, in addition to the other classes that see my inability to hit from range or do high amounts of burst damage (in effect everyone but warriors) and think "target".

I thought at 70 my gaming experience would be different. It is. . . .but not in a good way.

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