Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things blizzard did right and things that make me go WTF!?!?

So with a new expansion being released today, and probably the majority of people who would read blogs playing the game anyways, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the game before the expansion and look at things I think Blizzard did right, and things that make me go WTF!?!?!

Things Blizzard did right:

Old world content: Say what you will about this, although most people dont use it anymore, it was brilliantly designed and has stood the test of time. Even though players' power level has increased, the old world content can still be fun. Soloing BRD was one of the best times I've had, and our guild taking down Onyxia still felt good.

Character and Item models: I gripe about little things (I can't find a troll face I like and the blood elf facial hair options look ridiculous) but by and large it is excellent. The variety of different item models is very good. The inner accesorizer in me rejoices that my character can look cool.

Crafting: Its not perfect, but its the best of any game I've played. There is variety and depth. When I first started the game, my goals were to kill things and craft stuff, I was able to do both.

Things that make me go WTF?!?!?:

Gnome warriors: I will never give this up. Blizzard, this makes no sense, why blizzard, why?

Certain boss drops: One of the bosses in Tempest Keep is a giant plant. How would a plant drop anything? I understand a giant dragon, either it ate something, or it was laying around from an unsuccessful attempt, but a giant plant?

those are very minor gripes about the game in general, my more specific ones (*cough* PVP *cough*) are more of a personal dislike of mine, and not a true weakness of the game.

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