Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Whats the opposite of heroic?

So the daily heroic yesterday was Underbog. Not only was it my first heroic, it was my first time in underbog at all (I had run slavepens before and got the 2 confused). Yeah, the only thing heroic about the run was the difficulty, where to start.

I am decidedly undergeared for heroics, a big part of that is although I am all gemmed out, I basically have no enchants at all (havent had the $$ to raise enchanting). I am sitting currently at around 10k health, 11k armor and 440 defense. I rarely get crit (according to a calculator, I will get crit around 1% of the time), my bigger problem seems to be mitigation, health, and armor. I get hit a lot, the hits hurt, and I take them too fast to be healed effectively. Another problem with my tanking at the heroic level is the way that I play in general. When I level, or rep grind or whatever, I AOE grind almost exclusively. I take between 3-8 mobs at a time, no problems. 3 mobs at a time on heroics is overload for the healer. Another issue is consecration. I need it to hold aggro, it has a tendency to break CC.

So moving on from my personal problems I'll outline the run. Basically, we'd do 2 pulls, overpull, wipe, repeat. The reasons for the wipes was a combination of my relative squishiness and the healer not being able to keep up with the mobs damage. I will say, when he switched to exclusively chain healing me, I was pretty much the only one who died. Our epic healer switched in about 3/4 way through the run and things went much smoother after that, no wipes.

I ended up spending more in repairs than I got from the daily quest + loot, and I got 5 badges.

If I cant run heroics and none of the regular lvl 70 instances have real upgrades for me, I am stuck. I refuse to waste my time in battlegrounds, I've honestly considered AFK'ing and just playing guitar hero. Yes, I've also considered quitting Wow altogether and its a very real possibility.

I guess I have gotten to the "time sink" portion of the game, and I'm starting to think I have more enjoyable "time sinks".

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