Thursday, November 13, 2008

In a perfect world. . .

I'm so conflicted about returning to Wow. I would love to say "I'm over it", but I cant. I still blog about it, read blogs about it and talk to our guildmaster about it. In a perfect world, I would never have quit.

In a perfect world, my guildies would have rolled alliance on a PvE server.
In a perfect world, I would have a competant dual gatherer to generate $$.
In a perfect world my main would be my buff blonde bearded human pally, not a blood elf with the build of a 15yo and facial hair roughly as impressive.
In a perfect world, I wouldnt have to choose between people I like interacting with and enjoyment of the game.
(I would say in a perfect world, my tank would do reasonable DPS, but they fixed that)

Alas, it is not a perfect world. I am presented with 4 options: Go back to daggerspine, deal with the inevitable gankings, go back to Azuremyst deal with having to PuG anything I want to run, try to find a new PvE server with a group of people I can enjoy as much as my guildies, or stay in Wow exile. . .

PvP ruined the game for me. . .Lack of enjoyable guildies ruined the game for me. . .ARG!!!

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