Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things I will always remember. . .

There are certain moments from the game I will always remember. In no particular order:

My First epic (that I used): The Krol blade. I bought it from the auction house for 300g. At the time, I thought "hey, this is great, it will last me for 10 levels, and I'll make the money back." Now I think "man, I'd have a flyer now if it wasnt for buying that sword! However, at the time, I thought it was the best thing ever. It even came enchanted with the icy chill enchantment so it looked cool.

My discovery of AOE grinding (both Mage method and Prot pally method): First of all, although they both fall into the category of "AOE grinding" the methods are COMPLETELY different. The first character I tried this with was a Draenei mage on azuremyst. I actually got to the point where I did 10 green mobs at one time. It was awesome. Later I heard prot paladins could do something similar, so I re-specced my first character prot to try it. I was addicted from there. Although the mage method allows you to kill faster, to me the paladin method is more satisfying. There is just something about mobs killing themselves from beating on your shield. It is my single favorite thing in Wow.

My first time in outlands: I started playing Wow in 2006. I didnt make it to outlands till 2007. I started with a paladin on Daggerspine, decided I didnt like the server so I went to join a friend from college on Dentarg (who I never ran anything with ironically), made a bunch of alts on Dentarg, decided I didnt like that server, so I came back to Daggerspine, rolled up a brand new warrior who I leveled to 58 and brought to outlands (I then left daggerspine again for a PvE realm, but thats another story). It was amazing.

My first time main tanking an instance: That was just recently with my paladin, after understanding things a little bit better. I had "tanked" before with my warrior, but that was always with other people marking and with people in the group that I knew that knew the instance. Recently I actually started "main tanking" marking and directing who did what.

Soloing Scarlet Monastery: I did it last night, it was everything I hoped it would be. Actually the part I will remember is not the whole instance, but really just the cathedral. SOOOOO MANY MOBS, SO MANY FLASHING YELLOW NUMBERS. It was awesome.

Its a pretty short list. I guess a lot of the other things I've done in the game arent really that significant. I also still have the game till monday, I may be adding a few things to the list.

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Ruhtra said...

I will never forget the moment you first started playing. How new you were to the game. How right away you hated PVP. Those were good times. You have come a long way my friend. Surviving a heroic run and getting a nice piece of gear. The game and the guild will not be the same without you.