Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For those about to rock, we salute you. . .

OK, I admit it, I just wanted an excuse to use an AC/DC song as a blog title. But I think the message is appropriate. I will not be among the first wave of people to brave Northrend, but I salute those of you who are. I look forward to reading your accounts of the content and how things end up in the "live" version.

Things of particular interest to me:
How do Prot and Ret play at 80? From what I've read Holy remains about the same and although I've played holy and healed instances, its not my favorite thing. I love prot. No matter what anyone will say about the "nerf stick" I love the way it plays, I think it is pretty much perfect for me. . .at 70, how does it play at 80?

Frost Mages. . .in an ice based area? I've heard about frostfire bolt, interesting concept, how does it work in action? And will Frost damage immunity destroy the ability to AOE grind? Although I'm sure you could use frost nova to root and one of the many fire AOE's to do damage, but will that work?

For players on PvP servers: Is Northrend the PvP hell that I envisioned? I remember in the very near past 70's in arena gear landing near and ganking my defenseless character (really, what good is prot if they're not actively attacking you in melee?). The only defense is bubble/hearth. . .if both arent on cooldown. Is this a common occurance in the expansion?

Deathknights: I know the starting quests are epic. The gear looks sweet. How do they play? I've read reports from the beta, but thats beta, how are they live? Is blood predominantly a solo grinding build and Frost predominantly for tanking? How is tanking with no shield?

And one last question on a related note. How many gnome deathknights are there? WTF Blizzard? Gnome warriors are bad enough, but gnome deathknights, SERIOUSLY!?!?!? Disallow gnomes and Tauren, it makes PERFECT sense. Tauren because they're too big of tree hugging hippies to ever be death knights, gnomes because THEY'RE GNOMES, THEY'RE THREE FEET TALL!! Whats next? goblin deathknights? SMURF DEATHKNIGHTS!?!?!?

OK rant over. . .

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