Friday, November 7, 2008

My GM has a blog now. . .

This whole blogging thing is sort of like a communicable disease. Except a good disease. . .so its really not as much like a disease at all, but the analogy I was going for is that it is contagious. I've added his blog to my "blogs I read" category but the link is his character's name, coincidently enough, is ruhtra. Whenever I talk about "epic heals" thats him. I used to work with him, after a few weeks of "convincing" I bought the game and rolled up a character on the server he was on. Leshif was born. I've been back and forth from the server a few times since, after some more "convincing", I came back and leveled my original character from level 47 where he had been sitting to 70.

We ran heroic Mechanar last night, me because I want the sun eater. . .badly. Its the coolest looking 1h sword in the game. Our group makeup was rather interesting. I don't have the gold to throw around re-speccing, and I was in the middle of soloing Black Rock Depths when we decided to run (I don't have a flyer so I needed summoned anyways). I'd never run the instance before (regular or heroic), so we got one of our better tanks in the guild to tank it. We ended up with me, the warrior tank, ret pally, holy pally, and a rogue (who is the Kenny of our guild, he dies on every run, although I gave him a run for the money on this one).

The run went pretty smooth. I died A LOT, but only 1 group wipe. I did find out a few things: a) if I'm not tanking, I'm basically worthless - no mana recovery, weak heals, no DPS, b) some range is probably better than no range at all in an instance (I think this is the first time I've run all melee), and c) quality of heals and quality of tank is the biggest indicator of how a run will go. Our heals were great, our tank was great, and we basically 4 manned a heroic (ok, they 4 manned a heroic, I got killed so many times, my gear went red at which point I tossed around weak heals). No sun eater, but I may have almost enough gear to tank it myself.

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