Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is the part where I feel like a total N00b. . .

I would love to participate in the screenshot posting. I think its a great idea, share some history about the game, give insight into my characters, etc. There's only one problem. I didn't know you could actually A) take screenshots or B) how to do it.

Yes, I do feel quite the nOOb.

When I get home, I will double check and see if there is anything there, maybe I will take a few for a "Guided tour of Fish" post. . .


Anonymous said...

Hit the little button on your keyboard when in game that is called "Print screen"

It should be somewhere near that bank of keys with 'insert' 'delete' 'home' etc.

Then take a look in the directory where you have wow installed and there should be a folder there called screenshots. Take a look in there and enjoy your photo album.

Darraxus said...


Yeah, print screen takes screen shots.

Syrana said...


Although, I admire your bravery on announcing this :P

LarĂ­sa said...

I understand you completely. It could have been me.

It's just as Anonymous says.

You're a very brave little gnome. Only wise people know to admit their ignorence.

Esdras said...

In my realm you would be what is called a nublet hahahaha.

Dont worry about it too much i only found out about wintergrasp marks 2 days ago.

The Bob said...

This seems to be turning into a "Admit your secret WoW n00b fail support group" Ok, here's mine:
I'm a Shadow Priest. Lvl 80. Two days ago I was running a lvl 40 through ZF and he showed me how to bubble, mount up, pull the whole group, LoS, and Holy Nova while he cast Blizzard. Apparently this is called "AoE tanking" and I was the only person who had never done it before. I suck.

krizzlybear said...

Here's mine:

It wasn't until Bashertin was about level 25 that I found out about the deeprun tram. I quested mostly in Loch Modan and Wetlands with my hearth in Ironforge, relying mainly on the deadmines summoning stone to get to the Stormwind side of Eastern Kingdoms.

And then someone told me during a Stockade run that the tram existed. /blush.

~One Among Many~ said...

There there little gnome friend. If you never have reason to take a screenshot, you have no reason to ask how it's done! Thus, you never knew :)

I do agree though that admitting it on your blog is pretty brave.

I only knew about screenshots because I'm a computer junkie...and I love Photoshop.

If you hit [Print Screen] on your keyboard...when not can ctrl+V or *paste* it into any editing program :)