Friday, February 27, 2009

How you view your characters. . .

I was thinking about this the other day, how I view my characters. I don't RP in any real sense of the words in game, most of my characters' names either sound cool or are for labeling purposes or both. Magefish isn't really a mage, due to a translation error, Eisenfish means Iron fish and not frozen fish like I thought (Ironfish is more a warrior name, one I've actually used), but it does sound kind of cool.

History has a lot to do with it. I remember the slow laborious grind of leveling my first paladin Leshif (the only Leshif in all of Wow). Starting as retribution, taking a break for alts, server switches, a short stint as holy and then finding the joys of protection. I remember running dungeons with level appropriate groups, before everyone decided to use level-capped characters in purples as a crutch. I remember the slow grind of leveling professions (I'm looking at you blacksmithing and jewelcrafting). I remember the frustration of PvP, influencing my opinion of other classes (ok, mostly rogues), and it basically making my trip through the early 40's impossible (yeah, an upper 60's instance in a low 40's zone is great with open world PvP, I am looking at you Tanaris).

Some characters I look at what they've become and I'm proud (my 2 pallies, leveled from level 1, both badass in their own way, capable of leading a group). Some characters I look at and see limitless potential (Eisenfish & Zerofish), a story that has yet to be written. Some characters are stagnant and forgotten (unfortunate, but with around 30 alts, they can't all be favorite sons).

Another factor that plays into a feel for characters, I think difficulty in leveling almost directly correlates into a "feel" for the characters. Leveling prot on a PvP server SUCKS. I have had almost no end of frustration, but I feel a bigger attachment to Leshif than any other character. On the other hand my death knights, although fun to play, seem like soul-less death machines, there is no attachment, they're effective, but that's it.

How do the rest of you feel about your characters? Do they have special meaning to you?


Ruhtra said...

Interesting question. One I plan to answer in a series about all of my toons.

I would definitely say there is attachment to all of mine. The majority of them I have worked hard and PUGed the hell out of instances for gear. I will stop now, otherwise there would be no sense in launching my little toon guide later on.

:) Good read!

Syrana said...

I definitely have attachments to my characters... most of them anyway. There are a few I miss that I deleted, but I need more room and they were "less important" than my others.