Saturday, February 21, 2009

Loot rules, Heirloom shoulders and The Wrestler. . .

There was something I saw last night that really bothered me, and as usual, that motivated me to blog. Had it happened to me personally, I probably only would have been affected by one action, but it was the overall that really bothered me. No one likes a loot ninja. The worst types of loot ninjas are the ones who brag about it in guild chat. One of the guilds that I am in on azuremyst (populated by in general great people) has in its membership a paladin. I believe the paladin was specc'd holy for this particular run in Naxx. This person somehow acquired mail legs, leather caster shoulders and plate tanking gloves. I can't imagine either a tank or off tank couldn't use purple plate tanking gloves more than a healer, and it irks me to see a plate healer rolling on mail and leather. Maybe there were no shamans or druids in the entire raid, and maybe the tanks already had better than the purple tanking gloves, but thats a lot of maybes and it rubs me the wrong way.

Speaking of raids/heroics, I have finally found a reason to level up, gear up and run them. I want the heirloom shoulders for my alts, and they're only 40 badges of heroism each. I figure I can get one pair of leather for shammy/druid and one pair of cloth for the mage, then my shoulder needs are set till 80. Well, I want to level the pally and DK first but yeah, those shoulders are very nice and once I found out they were attainable with no pvp whatsoever, I am all about it.

Lastly The Wrestler. Amazing movie, well done, but SOOOOO SAD! Without trying to spoil it too much, its the first movie I've ever seen where I wanted the main character to get together with the stripper, and Marisa Tomei is smoking hot in it, especially for being in her 40's. I think it did a really good job of capturing a more realistic look at professional wrestling. Again, so sad, and I must say the ending left me a little unfulfilled, but I'll leave it at that. Even if you're not a fan of professional wrestling, you should see it.

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