Thursday, February 12, 2009

Leveling on a PvP server. . .

I have a post in the works about tanking. Not something super advanced and anyone with a ton of experience tanking probably won't find it useful, but I thought it would be a good academic exercise.

I was all set to crank that out today and then another issue arose. My guild is short on tanks and they could use another one. I don't know how I feel about this. I guess the best way to figure things out is blog about it.

I hate PvP. Basically because it involves other people wasting my time killing me making me stop what I'm doing to run back to my corpse. It has at times made me contemplate leaving the game completely. I have played the last few days back on a PvE server and I forgot how much more fun it is for me. I never have to look at another character and think "Oh, they're going to run over here and kill me now".

The flip side of this is I miss my guildies. My intention was not to quit the server, I have just been trying to level blacksmithing without spending lots of gold. For any of you that have ever done it you know that means grinding, lots of grinding. So I have been out of the loop for longer than normal but basically, I don't want to lose contact with everyone.

I have already pretty much verified what I thought before. The game is more fun on a PvE server. I can craft, level alts, and sit AFK, all without the fear of PvP. My question is this: Do I try to level my paladin on the PvP server or do I retire him and level my death knight? My deathknight is actually not far from level 70 and my paladin is a little bit into 71 so there is not much of a level difference. I know death knights can be endgame tanks. I definately like paladins more, but as a death knight I feel like A) I would be able to defend myself better and B) as a double gatherer, I can quit wasting time and money on crafting on the PvP server.

I guess its time to start looking into DK tanking builds. . .


Darraxus said...

You can always find friends on a new server. If you dont like PVP you certainly shouldnt be on a pvp server.

Esdras said...

I can get where from your coming from but I would not change my PVP realm unless it was for another PVP one.

It is frustrating when trying to level a profession though I remember when my Paladin was levelling his mining around lvl 45 and kept getting killed :-(