Monday, February 9, 2009

The most tedious things to do in Wow are. . .

Wow is a game right? Games are supposed to fun. I enjoy 90% of Wow. This weekend was spent in that other 10%. I had every intention of doing some leveling, popping over the Daggerspine, seeing how my horde buddies were doing, maybe even take my deathknight to northrend. That didn't happen.

I spent pretty much the entire weekend engaged in the tedious time sink tasks that will eventually pay dividends, but for the mean time are pretty much just killing time. First, I have a new deathknight who needs to go from mining 0 to 300. This in and of itself takes a few days, and thats assuming you can hit every ore node that has spawned where they're supposed to be and havent been mined by anyone else. Thorium is the worst part, but I'm not even there yet. I did manage to get to dark iron/truesilver (230) before the weekend was over. Obviously that is going to require some more work.

The rest of the weekend was spent on my alliance paladin. I was about 100k xp from level 65 so I decided to knock that out. I had won an auction for Shield of the Wayward Footman and decided it was a perfect time to re-spec protection. I had been retribution since the patch and honestly, it just isn't me. I love AoE grinding, and retribution just can't do it like protection. Another thing that took a severe amount of time, I dropped skinning on my paladin for blacksmithing. As any of you who are blacksmiths know, leveling blacksmithing is the most tedious, time consuming, resource intensive chore in the game. Oh, and I'm going armorsmithing as my specialty. I think it takes somewhere in the area of 400 mithril bars to knock out the levels and the specialty. I will eventually drop mining for jewelcrafting, but that will be around the time my mage is ready to pick up enchanting. As far as I can tell, armorsmithing and jewelcrafting give me the best advantage for a tank. JC only gems and ability to add sockets are going to be a huge help in the long run.

So to summarize, I won't call it a waste of time. It has to be done. I have seen the comparative difficulty between warrior and paladin leveling (sorry darraxus, I just can't do it!) so my warrior becomes a bank alt, paladin BS/JC and death knight gets mining and skinning. On the upside, once this is done, my pally will have a sweet blue breastplate (socketed with northrend gems mmmmm) and since I'm farming all my own mats, I won't be any lighter in the pockets. The downside is that it will be very time consuming, even at 30 mithril per run and 20 thorium once I get to that level, I will be farming ore for some time.


Darraxus said...

Ah, the love of mining. I have leveled it on two different characters. I once has BS at like 355 during BC. Then I dropped it and power leveled Engineering.

And Warrior leveling isnt that bad. I dont know if they added strength to the Outlands leveling pieces though, so it could potentially still be suck in that level range.

Esdras said...

Im leveling my Paladin just now too he is 69, he is holy too but im leveling with a shadow priest so its cool i just spam FoL as we destroy things.

Syrana said...

I think leveling any gathering skill can be tedious... even skinning, depending on when you start it.

But for me, it's fishing. Fishing is the most tedious.

And yay for Affliction Warlocks making your top 10! :)