Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rock Band and other non Wow content. . .

I figured I would file something under the "anything else I feel like blogging about" heading. I was thinking the other day while looking over the new Rock Band DLC and thinking "man this sucks", Do we really need any more grateful dead? I didnt download and of the first batch, nor will I touch anyf of this. Godsmack was a good surprise, but a little late if you ask me. So I put together a list of a few things I REALLY would like to see for Rock Band.

Take it off by the Donnas - I love this song, it would be so fun to play. I know it was released as DLC for guitar hero but COME ON, its AMAZING.

The entire Countdown to Extinction album by Megadeth - Peace sells, great song, but the whole album? They really dropped the ball on this one. Countdown to extinction went to #2 on the charts, was double platinum and is the best all around Megadeth ablum to date.

A Saliva setlist - I'd go with Your Disease, Always, and pick one of their new singles. I like Saliva, I've seen them live, they would be super fun.

You couldn't be me by Hell Yeah - the same lead singer from mudvayne (as a side note, I am SOOOO happy they ditched the creepy face paint) with more of a southern metal sound, this song is shear awesomeness and probably more appropriate for all ages than their other single "Alchohol and ass".

Last, but definately not least, Bad girlfriend by Theory of a deadman. I actually saw this band live a bunch of years ago they opened for Trapt (who has a downloadable song, WTF?) and smile empty soul (pretty certifiably gone at this point). Bad girlfriend is pretty is pretty much my favorite song right now and I bet they would get a TON of downloads by putting this out.

Also, if you are into the philosophical side of martial arts and like a good tragedy, Red Belt is an amazing movie. If you're looking for mindless action, avoid it, too heavy on plot and character, basically the opposite of a Jean Claude Van Dam movie. There is a pretty damn awesome scene where he escapes a rear naked choke by running up a wall and doing a backflip. Strangely enough, I never learned that choke defense.


Raknot said...

you want content fishy go get Fallout 3 sooo awesome btw DLC for it was pretty sick to

Syrana said...

Woot for RockBand!

Yes, the Godsmack addition was WAAAY overdue and hopefully there will be more. More Megadeth would rock as well.

I agree that some Theory of a Deadman (and even Nickelback) would be some light fun to add.

But what I really want to see? Some Korn. GH:World Tour got "Freak on a Leash"... so share some love with RockBand. Now. Please? /beg