Monday, February 9, 2009

My 10 favorite class/specs in Wow. . .

So I was having a conversation with some of my newly adopted guildies on Azuremyst (I can't for the life of me remember the name, but the tabard is pretty sweet) and we were discussing several classes. Besides me saying "Yeah, I don't much care for them" every other sentence, it was a very invigorating conversation (who knew S priests finally got AoE, sorry, can't level one to 75 just to get it though). It got me to thinking: which are my 10 favorite class/spec combos in the game and why?

1. Prot Paladin - Heavy armor, AoE, Bad-assery. I like AoE grinding with a prot pally more than almost anything else in the game. I spent almost a whole level grinding mobs for Aldor rep just because it was SO MUCH FUN! (and no one ganked me while I did it, which was a bonus).

2. Frost Mage - 15-20 mobs at a time? It can be done! (not grey mobs either!) Add in portals and teleports for quick and easy travel and you have a no brainer choice at #2. Yes, I considered arcane for this spot, but frost is tried and true, its an old friend that has lasted through multiple characters, I can't abandon it for the flashy new abilities of arcane.

3. Unholy Death Knight - I would have put blood here before the last patch increasing blood aura healing and nerfing a lot of the blood aspect healing. Unholy is powerful in single target or AoE and free epic land mount makes them amazing gatherers. I will admit, I don't keep the pet up at all times because I find them kind of annoying.

4. Feral Druid - You can be a half warrior, a half rogue, or a half priest at the drop of a hat. To me, that adds up to 150%. I love ferals, they're my little swiss army knife characters for utility and easy leveling. I prefer the night elf version to tauren for the record, lions should not have horns.

5. Blood Death knight - Still a lot of fun and powerful single target DPS, I would have swapped this spot with unholy had they left the powerful self healing alone.

6. Affliction Warlock - Haunt is quite possibly one of my favorite abilities in the game. I don't care if people say they're nerfed. I see a class that kills fairly quickly with little downtime. If only they got seed of corruption a little sooner than 70, say around 60 or so.

7. Demonology Warlock - Felguard smash! The 51 point talent is outright dumb (I want a doomguard, or pitlord or something more menacing) but a couple demons on the rampage is still pretty damn cool.

8. Shadow Priest - Fast killing with little down time. A bigger selection of AoE (and getting it before northrend) again would make this class perfect for me. It took me a while to appreciate the inherent coolness of the shadow priest but they definately rock.

9. Retribution Paladin - Its button smashing, its bursty, its not quite as fun as a deathknight, but it can heal itself on demand: its the ret paladin! I do think divine storm is pretty cool, although ret paladins are definately way weak on the AoE compared to prot.

10. Arms Warrior - This spot was close. I admit, I like what they did with prot warriors, but arms is just a lot more fun. I scoff at fury for their Titans grip, the AoE is where its at, bladestorm, and sweeping strikes all the way! Of course I have horrible problems leveling a warrior after 60, I think it more has to do with my paladin mindset than anything. I still think this spec has a lot to reccomend itself and deserves to round out my top 10.

Honorable mention: Enhancement Shaman - just missed but its the only self healing dual wielder.

Yes, no love for hunters (boring easy mode) and no love for rogues (rogue AoE is sapping one, having your buddy sap another and stunlocking them, blech). I respect their abilities and wouldn't mind sharing a group with them, but there are so many things I would rather play.

One other non Wow related gripe. Vh1 is about as metal as reynolds wrap. Seriously, check out their list of the top 40 metal songs ever. I guess if you removed half the songs on there that arent metal, it would be a decent list. You would also be removing A THIRD OF THE LIST!! 80's Ozzy - not very metal, GnR damn sure not metal, KISS and ACDC sure as HELL arent metal. Maybe my next compilation will be to re-do their horrible crappy list.


Syrana said...

Oops, my "yay" comment on the other post was meant for this post.


That's what I get for reading both posts before commenting, I guess. :P

Esdras said...

Easily a dwarf shadow priest os coolest *cough**cough* lol

I do think though 2 of the coolest classes to look at are gnome warriors and rogues hust something cool about them doing melee

Ruhtra said...

Where the hell was the Holy Paladin?


Mr. V said...

Enhancement Shaman FTW! I’m a little biased but I love the shaman class. A very versatile dual-wield fighter with heals to boot. Not to mention the Spirit Wolves, I love my pups! Totems can be a pain in the butt, especially while questing, but in raids or 5-mans, a shaman and his totems is a good friend to have.

thedoctor said...

I'm totally stealing this topic from you sometime in the near future.

I'll give you some link love and credit =P

Great post