Thursday, January 29, 2009

why PvP ruins the game for me. . .

Every time something like this happens, I consider leaving daggerspine behind. Once it even made me quit the game. The addition of the death knight actually makes this more likely as I wouldn't have to "start completely over", even though with character transfers, I could be back up and running on a new server with minimal effort. Thats not what this post is about.

PvP ruins Wow for me. I love my guildies, I love playing different characters. I desperately despise people basically determining what I can and cannot do in the game by sheer assholishness. This morning, I was attempting to do dailies on Quel'danas. I never did them before WotLK precisely for this reason, I would see a ton of red names, know they were going to gank the shit out of me and decide it wasn't worth the bother. By that decision alone, PvP or really the threat of PvP has controlled my actions.

Some might say "get better at PvP then". Its not that simple. First, there will always be someone bigger better faster. No amount of skill can prevent being ganked. My class probably plays a roll in it. I enjoy paladins, a LOT. Not retribution either, I like protection. Great in PvE, great tanks, great for AoE grinding. 90% of the time, worthless in PvP. No range, no ability to close. Lastly, I am playing Wow on a 5 year old computer that has had no extra work besides a RAM upgrade. I'm sure my amazing hardware doesn't help.

Basically, there are only 3 solutions to avoid this situation. Option A, only quest with a "buddy". Not particularly viable, everyone I play with has their own agendas. Option B, quest only in "friendly" zones. Well, that only works up until about level 20. Option C, leave and set up shop on a PvE server.

I love my guildies, I don't want to leave, but it is starting to look like the only viable option.


Darraxus said...

I have a 40 something Tauren Warrior on a PVP server and got ganked a few times in STV. I like the randomness, but assholes camping you is not fun. I rolled on an RP server and havent left.

Ruhtra said...

Sorry to hear man. If you want some help with those dailies over there, let's run them together. I never did them, quite honestly cause I was lazy.


At any rate, don't get mad, switch to an alt and do something relaxing. Even I have to do that occassionaly. If we are on, declare a code red and we will respond for you!

krizzlybear said...

Yeah, you should always grab a few high level friends to help you out when you're getting needlessly camped. Taking on a PvP server alone is essentially a death wish!

thedoctor said...

I guess I am just weird to you then. I hated the very first server I started on solely because it was pve.

I love the crazyness of a PvP server and there is no way I could rereoll to a strictly pve server. Just not for me.

Ya, you might get ganked. But it makes you better at escaping and like all things that you practice, you will get better.

However, if you don't like world pvp as much as it sounds....I highly suggest you move to another server.

Leaving good friends YOU WILL regret though.

Good luck

Esdras said...

Good luck in finding a new guild if thats what you decide to do dude.

Syrana said...

I leveled two toons to 70 on a PvP server, but have since transferred them to the PvE server my husband had high level toons.

At first, I was so edgy and anxious, looking over my shoulder. But, I ended up kind of liking that added threat. Of course, camping and lowbie ganking are no fun. I did have to learn to stay away from certain hotspots for ganking (such as not leveling in STV or Hillsbrad (as Horde it always seemed worse for us there).

But if you are shoppin' around for a new server... we have a great guild community! ;)