Friday, February 6, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends. . .

Thats right, its not just a quest, it applies to other areas of the game as well (and yes, I know its a song by those kooky insectoid brits).

I am by nature a solo player. I like to run around by myself, kill stuff, do quests, level, etc. I have multiple alts on every server I actually play on so that I have all the crafting skills covered (except engineering, which I think is rather pointless and not a benefit for me personally. Motorcycles in wow? Really? Thats about as useful as a sixth finger, but I digress). What makes the game more than just random grinding and upgrades? Its the people you share the world with.

I'm not talking about douchebag 80's who kill my level 23 in tarren mill. I'm also not talking about your Mr Draenei deathknight who mined my tin node while I was killing the mobs protecting it (you're a douchebag too and you know it). Its the people that I spend time with in the game. Some I know in real life and occasionally get to have lunch with. Some I have never met, but I talk to all the time in guild chat. Some people whose blogs I read and make me feel like I kind of know them. Some people read my blog and then invite me into their guild (You've been warned Alerexis, I'm dead weight, I just roll up alts and take up space, I never raid!).

If it wasn't for the social aspect of wow, I would probably still be playing (I am a rather compulsive accessorizer and no other game does it quite as well, even if I don't like the looks of a lot of the northrend stuff), the game just wouldn't be as much fun.

I would say I wish there was a big old guild made up of blogs I read however I think it would be desperately short on heals and maybe even a little light on tanks. But it would be TOTALLY worth it to see the mages competing to do the most damage. But that's probably an idea for another blog post. . .


P said...

It would be neat to have a guild made up of people who blog and whose blogs I read. I bet the guild would be pretty good. I haven't read to many blogs that seem written by someone who fails at the game.

I mean by nature if you care enough about the game to blog about it you probably are above average just through knowledge alone.

Syrana said...

It would be interesting, but then there would be the great Alliance/Horde divide! :P

Anonymous said...

There are a few guilds composed of bloggers.

Some have just naturally evolved where bloggers have rolled alts, or escaped to join the blogger heavy guilds.

There was one last year that was being created from scratch.

But yeah, I think there are lots of hurdles.
1) Server transfers, or
2) rerolling and grinding
3) class balance,
4) Faction decisions
5) Time zones/US vs. EU realms

I rolled Horde for the occasional catch up with fortheHorde guys, but that was more for the sake of a 1 off roleplaying thing, than playing together.. time zones wont permit that (let alone the fact that I would have to grind up to 80, and abandon my main).

But, I think it is important to remember that a raid can never have too many Mages....

Just because there was a trend to leave the Mages at home, doesn't mean that a raid solely comprised of Mages couldn't rule the world...

Ruhtra said...

Hahaha that would be an interesting thing to see. At least the mages running around trying to run stuff, 20 mages and a couple odds and ends.

I think visually and if I could draw the image in my head would be a winner.

I love your thought process Fish!

Esdras said...

I would roll an alt to have in guild with other bloggers i think that would be pretty cool.

Alerexis said...

Hey, thanks for joining the guild I am in, and thank you for your warning.

Don't worry, you are not expected to raid. We are a pretty casual guild whose level 80 characters are trying to experience the endgame content.

Maybe you'll change your mind someday, and maybe you won't. But all we ask our members is that they respect each other and have fun playing WoW in whatever path they choose.

Syrana said...

But all we ask our members is that they respect each other and have fun playing WoW in whatever path they choose.

It's a great philosophy, and one we base our guild on as well. :)