Monday, March 2, 2009

Holyfish, Champion of Stormwind

As a wow player, I have a reasonable amount of skill. I love to AoE and I can level pretty well when I set my mind to it. The things that I lack are focus on a character and motivation to level. With news of some of the 3.1 goodies, both have been taken care of.

I never saw any tangible benefit to charging to the level cap, and as most of the people I know play on a PvP server, it was just too frustrating to level through ally infestation. I have since started playing primarily on a PvE server where that isnt an issue and the need to reach the level cap has started to be cultivated. I want the stormwind tabard.

Humans are my favorite race in the game, bar none, and its not just because I happen to be one lol. Ten percent extra rep is nothing to sneeze at and humans just look the best in my opinion. I have to have a nice looking beard on my guys, humans fit the bill. Also, from the time I first set foot in it, I have loved stormwind. It may not be the easiest to find things in (a distinction I believe belongs to Undercity), but it is by far the best looking.

I may never get the suneater (maybe I can convince my new guildies to run heroic mechanar a bunch, I still want it because it just looks awesome), I can definately get a stormwind tabard (so I can look just like the stormwind guards).

I had a whole big post planned about what I did this weekend but its basically hit 68, should be 70 next weekend (which makes first 2 70s the same class lol), hit 350 blacksmithing and did a few levels with the mage. It took a lot more work than it sounds like.


Kromus said...

Humans. Hoomans! Hooman Beans!
I love them, 80% of my characters are human, and if you could get Druids and Shamans as Human then that would rise to a 95%, so i understand your likeness to them.

If the credit crunch meant mass genocide for WoW, what two races (2 per faction) would you keep? :).

Mine would be Human, Night elf and Undead, Belf.

Fish said...

Undead and Belf? Not very warcrafty, I agree with your alliance side, but I would keep Orcs and Trolls, as much as I am not a huge fan of the way trolls look, they are old school warcraft, and remember Warcraft 1 was Orcs and Humans, have to keep those 2 at least. I like night elves, but a case could be made for dwarves as the other alliance race as they're pretty prominant also

Esdras said...

Grats on getting him to Northrend.

Kromus said...

Yeah Fish, hard to decide but i still stand by Undead, not so sure on Blood Elf but my understanding for the horde lore isn't as high as it could be.

My decision for Blood Elf was a shallow decision of how i like there looks.The Undead however are far more in-depth. The forsaken. The mystery of why and what they do that is similar to Humans.

Metaphor for Life and Death?

:) Hooman beans!

Ruhtra said...

Well if we want to go with two races for each I would say alliance should have Humands and High Elves (Rangers rocked!)

For the Horde I would concur with the Orcs and the Trolls.

Not a huge Night Elf fan here though.

As a side note, still think Blizz messed up with the Blood Elves. They seem so out of place with the Horde, but it is what it is.

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