Friday, February 13, 2009

Dual specs are coming. . .

So in searching to see which realms are eligible for free character transfers (azuremyst is too heavily populated for me, but I'm pretty well established there, so I would move for free, but its not worth paying), I saw a post by ghostcrawler talking about dual specs. I just figured I would throw my 2 coppers into the pot about what we learned.

The good:
There is a one time fee for the dual specs, once you buy them, you can switch between them freely at any lexicon of power. Also, your glyphs stay with the spec, thats awesome. They are implementing a feature that would make you actually save the talent spec for it to be set permanently (no more clicking something and going "OOPS, guess I'm stuck with it there!").

The bad:
You have to be level 80 to have dual specs.

So basically they are implementing a bunch of great enhancements that will be useless to the characters it would benefit the most. I get the theory that once you hit the level cap, the game begins, I have never accepted that explanation. Once you hit the level cap dailies begin, and extended farming, and maybe if you are so inclined raiding. Allowing dual specs only for characters at the level cap is counter productive because the skills needed to play in a given spec are gained through leveling, and basic dungeons are much more forgiving than heroics. I don't want to tank a dungeon with a re-specced priest who has never healed before. I'm sure healers wouldn't want to run with someone who has never tanked before (not that there seems to be a shortage of tank-specced characters in the game).

I have healed as a paladin in instances before. I have a basic understanding of pretty much every class in the game. I can tell you right now, I would not be that effective healing as a shaman or druid, or getting max DPS from ANY class. Are these skills blizzard thinks we will magically acquire at level 80? Maybe it is because I don't have a level 80 character. Let me ask those of you that do: when you hit 80, did you gain an understanding of how to play every spec in your class?


Steve.Lippert said...

My main is a shaman. I leveled (to 70) as enhancement, learned to heal getting keyed to kara, stayed resto for the remainder of BC. The summer before Wrath came out the guild fell apart and I specced Elemental.

I know the basics of healing at 80, and dpsing as enhance but I wouldn't be able to max them unless I was specced that way for a week or so and ran lots of dungeons/heroics.

Syrana said...

Now, while I'm still shy of 80, I remember when the game "began at 70." The spec I know the most on my main... is afflication. That is all I have ever specced her to be. I have some alts that are specced for non-dps roles, but I don't like to switch them around.

I'm not sure why they decided to make it so only level 80 toons could have dual specs... I'd rather see that available as you are coming up so it's easier to switch for instances.

It's hard to practice tanking/healing when you are solo. And it's hard to get familiar with riding the aggro line solo (for classes without a pet, even more so).

Who knows, maybe they'll change their mind on that yet again?

Esdras said...

I cant wait as i miss healing so much but am a shaow priest at heart.

the main reason i was leveling my paladin was so i had a healer but now i can duel spec and have a tank JOBS A GOOD UN.