Friday, July 31, 2009

Rock Band DLC and Woweekend. . .

This post is all about the goodness. First, I did a little happy dance and jumped up and down when I saw the latest batch of Rock Band DLC. Another Weezer pack? Pork and Beans, My name is Jonas and Sweater Song!?!?!? OMFG!!! So obviously I had to buy it and play immediately. Now they only need to make one more three pack - Beverly Hills, Perfect Situation, and Hashpipe. . .although I don't think they would release hashpipe as a DLC, it's not kid friendly.

Speaking of DLC, although I LOOOOVE some of what they've released lately ( Social D's Ring of Fire and Rancid Ruby Soho), there are still a couple that I want. First, where is Countdown to Extinction? Best metal album ever. . .period. Second, I would love to see a Bush pack. Everything Zen, Machinehead, and Chemicals Between Us. OK, maybe one more pack: RAGE!!! Yes, we have Testify, but come on: Guerilla Radio, Killing in the name, and Sleep now in the Fire!

On a Wow related note, I am anxiously awaiting my Woweekend. The facility I play hockey at is hosting a tournament, so I don't have hockey, I pretty much have no responsibilities at all this weekend which means one thing: WOWEEKEND!!! Leveling with shammy, maybe take druid to northrend, might level one of the clothies (I have mage and warlock both at 61). Nothing to do for 2 days is lotsa goodness. I dunno how fast I can get the druid to 80, I'd bet faster than the pally though.

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