Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Server. . . .DOWN!!!!

The server I play on is down currently, for maintenance and "hardware upgrades". Well, poop. Call me crazy, I was looking forward to playing a lil wow in the morning hours before the kiddies wake up, get bored and decide to go ganking. My mage and druid are sitting on some hardcore rested XP that I am itching to burn off.

Our raid last night went ok, we got three bosses into construct quarter. No wipes on patchwerk, 1 wipe on the next boss, a buncha wipes on the doggy. I got some plate DPS pants which are pretty cool. I also broke the 1500 DPS that was my goal. I got to 1700 through patchwerk, which was still lowest besides tanks and healers, oh well, I'm not really a Ret pally at heart.

Raiding has tought me a good amount about myself as a player. First of all, I don't really care for "difficult" content. I want it to be easy, tank and spank, see it, blow through it, maybe farm some gear. I don't really care if every encounter is mechanically the same as long as they look different and have different story elements. I don't have patience for wiping. 2-3, ok. More than that, I start thinking "I have alts calling my name". There is way too much to learn, remember, and do, for me to want to tank these fights. Heroics, yes, I'd like to tank those. Raids, no way in hell. I have serious doubts I will ever get a "good" tanking sword to drop in an instance. I don't really want them cuz they make me a better tank, I want them cuz they're awesome looking. Even though I don't enjoy the raids, I feel compelled to go and make the attempt. Its weird hearing people on vent that you've never heard before. I don't have a mic, don't need one, prolly won't get one. No one needs to hear "Fuck! I died again!"

In spite of all that, I am still looking to bring my druid to the party. I'll probably be healing, and I'm ok with that. It will let people with better DPS function. Then I can run around like a happy stalk of broccoli dropping HoTs on everyone. LOL, that thought is just funny to me.

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