Friday, July 17, 2009

Cho'gall: a test of strength or PvP hell?

I need more alts like the pope needs more weird looking hats. With that being said, my GM and his wife have taken somewhat of a hiatus from our server to roll up alliance alts on Cho'gall. Here is the kicker: Cho'gall is a PvP server where the horde outnumbers alliance roughly 7 to 1. I can't confirm those numbers as that's what I was told.

Personally, I don't really need any more experience of things on the Alliance side. I have 10 alts on Azuremyst, the highest being a 74 paladin. I also have 9 alts on the PvP server Dentarg, none of them being exceptionally high. (Reasons for this being a college friend convinced me to switch to alliance, which is actually my preferrence. . .I prefer leveling in forests and fields to barren wasteland, sue me. . .Anyways, she moved to a different server, then quit wow, so I went back to daggerspine. That was the first time I left and came back). Azuremyst was great, I prefer Alliance, I prefer PvE, but other than a few people, I didn't really get a group of people I had fun running things with. So, after fully experiencing what alliance had to offer, I came back to Daggerspine, leveled to 80, on my way to more 80's and here I am.

Why would I roll up a character on a PvP server when I hate PvP? Well, a few reasons. First, I'm rolling a death knight, so I'm not exactly investing a huge amount of time in the character. Second, I love the death knight starter quests, they're a ton of run and worth repeating. Third, I went back to Daggerspine because thats where my friends are, I have a couple who are rolling alliance, so I can at least run them through some instances and be useful. Lastly, worst case scenario, it sucks and I hate it. I put a few hours into doing enjoyable starting quests, I don't ever have to play there again.

I think death knights are the perfect "feeler" characters for a new server. Don't know what it will be like? Wonder about how players are? Want to see if barrens chat is full of ridiculous comments? Roll up a DK and see. Free epic ground mount, armor garaunteed to blow through outlands, able to solo old world instances (well, most of them) with ease.

No real update on my daggerspine characters, leveled shammy a little bit, picked up some champion's seals on pally. Been running around ret and it's pretty decent. Decided not to waste the champion's seals on the belt, I would lose a ton of crit for some expertise and I don't like that trade off. I will just try to get the next few champion's seals ASAP so I can get the uber cool looking greatsword of the sindorei, although the Ebon Blade greatsword is kind of growing on me.


Brey said...

I'm a horde on Cho'Gall and the last time I looked at the census, it was 85%/15% horde, which is almost 6:1. It's gotten so bad that I usually don't world PvP when I'm out doing dailies. I see this more often that us Horde don't even bother Alliance when they're doing stuff. However, Alliance rarely have Wintergrasp and not everyone is as forgiving as I am. Most of my friends see it as gank city whenever they see an Alliance member. "It's war" they say. Whatever.

However, in the past few days, I've noticed an increase in the amount of brave Allies. Twice in the past 2 days of running dailies, I've had Allies come up and try to gank ME. I'm not sure if they're just bitter about Horde ganking them, but unluckily for them, there's usually another Horde or 2 around and they usually are sorry they did it (save for a rogue who of course got the upper hand by stealthing).

Anyway, if you decide to roll on Cho'Gall, I'd say just keep to yourself. All a Horde has to do is "/1 ALLY GANKING AT FROSTFIELD LAKE, PLZ HELP CAMP." Once while doing Hodir dailies, I had someone gank me in the slime caves. He must have ganked someone else after that, too, because by the time I got to frostfield lake, /1 was already blowing up with his name and we camped him for 30 minutes straight while doing the dailies. Lesson: You're outnumbered, don't piss us off =p

Fish said...

I honestly don't know what my friends are trying to accomplish by leveling on that server. Myself, I prefer PvE and don't have much desire to PvP. However, I've leveled 1-70 on alliance, and they haven't, so maybe they want to experience it. I mostly would just run them through stuff, and as I said, rolling a DK is much less impact than say transferring my pally from azuremyst (human, level 74 I believe)

Anonymous said...

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