Monday, August 3, 2009

Woweekend in review and other miscellany. . .

Well, I had a pretty good weekend all things considered. I gained a level on the Shaman, burned up his rested XP, getting him ever closer to 40 (I havent gotten to the point where I'm running him non-rested yet). Druid hit level 70 and had some interesting experiences (more on that to follow). Pally barely made it on to do dailies, and I think I missed a couple days worth (I'm about a day from exalted with Ebon Blade, and I've never set foot in an instance with their tabard on).

The druid took up the bulk of my time this weekend. I know at level 68 I could go into northrend and crank out some quests to level, however, I wanted to wait till 70 for a few reasons. First, I like finishing areas. I may not do every quest in an area, but I do the majority. I wasn't "done" with Terrokar Forest till 68, and I had yet to really do much in Nagrand (besides ring of blood). Maybe it's just me being set in my ways, but I always go Hellfire, Zangarmarsh, Terrokar, Nagrand. Normally thats enough to pop me to 70. Whats killing me currently is getting enough Fel scales to get my leatherworking to 350. I remember Mercurial Adamantite was a problem with JC and I don't really recall having an issue with BS after thorium or with tailoring ever. I have no idea how many hours its gonna take me to farm enough, but its gonna be a pain.

I did put in a few instance runs which didn't get my much in the way of experience but taught me a little bit and got me some useful gear. We went into Kara on sat to get one of our members some enchants, she got mongoose, surefooted, and a couple spellpower ones, which were nice. I died a lot, but I did get a couple nice DPS rings and a caster belt. I almost got some awesome boots, but I didn't speak up quickly enough that I'd like them (people don't seem to associate me with a tree). I also got invited to some Northrend instances (one of our 80's was running through lowbies), but due to some personal issues, I couldn't make the UK run. I did find out something interesting. I had completely misunderstood Wild Growth, and wasnt using it correctly. I figured it out and was able to heal us through one of the bug instances (I get them confused). Not bad in outlands greens, although we did have an 80 tanking.

Now, if only I could avoid douchebag ganking I'd be happy.

Anyways, didn't have time for too much else. UFC 101 is sat, but more on that on the other blog. I have been practicing guitar again and was just thinking if I put as much time into that as I did into wow, I'd have been a pro by now. Oh well. Wow is $15 a month, guitar equipment (new amp, pedals, etc) would prolly run more than that, so I've been sticking to the budget alternative. I'm still on track for my new years resolution though (I'm playing some Rage by New Years Eve!!!), modest goals I know, but everyone has to start somewhere.


thedoctor said...

Bulls on Parade FTW

Definitely not easy, but one of their easier songs to learn.

P said...

Bulls on Parade was the first song I learned on a drum kit