Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When the familiar is unfamiliar. . .

I am faced with an interesting position. How many of us get comfortable and chosen with a role and then switch, then after a prolonged absense, return to our original role?

I am faced with this situation not in Wow but in real life. Probably anyone who reads the blog knows I play hockey fairly regularly. At one point I was playing for four different teams. That was entirely too much for my schedule so I cut back and have been playing in only my sunday league. The issue that has left me with is that my chosen position, the one that I have the most experience at and am best at is goalie. However, in my sunday league, I skate out, playing mostly defense, but sometimes center. I enjoy it, and I'm ok at it, but its not goalie. This weekend, our rink is having a tournament for charity and I've been recruited to play goalie on one of the tournament teams. Although I've played goalie for years, I haven't played the position in 6 months, and I got new pads that I havent really gotten adjusted to. I'm nervous at how I will perform under pressure with a group of people I have probably played with individually (everyone knows everyone else in our league), but never together.

On a completely seperate note, our guild is going to continue our tuesday tradition of fail. . .er Naxx-10 attempts. Actually, we run the spider wing pretty easily, its the other ones that give us problems. I think our GM wants to try construct wing. I don't think it will go well, but apart from leveling alts, I have not much else going on.

Speaking of alts, I have noticed a trend in my playing. I love leveling through vanilla. Even though I've done it a million times (I think I have 20-25 characters at level 30+ yes, alt creation is a problem of mine), but I still enjoy it (minus the ganking). I will soon be starting work on my shammy, then I've told myself I'm done. Sorry rabbi (because that's what you call a jewish priest), you're not going past level 26. . .

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Ruhtra said...

I would like to submit a correction reaquest. There has been no failure yet in the raiding schedule.

The only way you are a failure is if you admit it. Week one we were only scheduled to do the Spider Quarter, which we cleared successfully. We then wanted to let the guild see the Military Quarter and to our (those leading the raid) we got the Instructor down to under 10% with little instruction and even fewer members who have been to the fight. That is in no way a failure but a great success which showed a lot of promise.

The second week, again we targeted the Spider Wing, more for reinforcement and some easy gear. We successfully cleared it yet once more and this time with only two healers (with no true raid type healer present). We then went into the Plague Quarter to, once again, show what another wing looks like and to also enforce that people need to read up and prepare for different typse of bosses. We successfully downed Noth and by the end of the dance around half of the raid group was showing promise. Once again, not a failure by any means.

So please, if you want to say that you failed in an attempt, I am fine with that. However, I would take offense at saying the raid was a failure when each week we met the weekly goal and last week downed one additional boss.

As for tonight. This is a reality check for the raid team. We are going into the Construct Quarter. It is not a tough quarter; however, it requires situational awareness which at times has shown to be problematic. So we shall now work on developing this by utlizing this quarter of the raid.

Sorry, did not mean to crit you with a wall of text!