Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ZOMG!!!! Sam Raimi is directing the Wow movie!!!!!

I now have 2 expectations for the upcoming Wow movie: First it will be good. Second Bruce Campbell will be in it. I'm pretty excited about both of these, as I am a fan of Bruce Campbell (you would be too if you've ever seen Army of Darkness which by the way, is my favorite Sam Raimi film. . .yes, more so than any of the spidermen), and good movies.

*EDIT - Perusing IMDB, I found out I have a couple other beloved Sam Raimi movies - For the love of the game - yes, another Kevin Costner baseball movie, but its amazing. One of the greatest sports movies ever; and The Quick and the Dead - one of my favorite "modern" westerns. It's the perfect Leonardo DiCrappio (yes, it's DiCrappio on purpose) movies: He's in it, he's funny, he dies. It also has to be good, it has russell crowe in it.*

Things I wonder if they will include:

Tremendous over the top shoulder armor
"Lower level" characters being ganked for no apparent reason
Loot drama (Can you see it "No, seriously, I rolled need cuz they're an upgrade, come on, I'm the main character!"
Obnoxious zone chat "I hear voices mentioning Chuck Norris?"
Dual Spec "No seriously, I can tank or heal"
Duel Spamming "No, I'm not going to waste 15 mins to fight you for no reason, quit asking!"
Class imbalance "Yes, I'm OP, I'm kind of the protagonist"
L70ETC. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I want to see them in the movie and on the soundtrack!

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Anonymous said...

Good call on Army of Darkness over Spiderman.

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