Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alts, the Argent Tournament and Fish on Fighting. . .

Well, in addition to thinking about the future awesomeness of my shammy (I dinged 29 and have my talents planned out to level 80 lol, yeah tragic I know). Actually, his currently awesomeness is pretty apparent. Although level 28 at the time, I got swarmed by 3 29-30 murlocs, killed them all and survived. I really like the AoE totem, and although they take up a ton of space on my bar, if I get swarmed, they are well worth the mana expenditure. In a more immediate sense, I cant wait till level 40 to pick up Storm strike and dual wielding.

In playing the Shammy and Druid, I have figured out something about myself, and I'm thinking both may be better fits for me in instance content than my Paladin. First, for solo/leveling, I like quick DPS damage and self heals. Although ret seems decent at 80, I feel like my Cat form and Enhancement shammy are doing more damage faster. Yes, paladin is the king of the AoE, but it's not like druid and shammy can't do that too. However, in instances, I hate having to melee things. There is just too much going on, I seem to get faced the wrong way, be out of range, etc. Being able to just blast things from distance, preferrably instant cast, helps a ton. Also, I have found it beneficial to have a healing off-spec and while my pally's specs are spoken for (I'm not going through everything to get a healing set, I have enough gear sets as it is), it should be fairly easy to gear healing sets for Shammy and Druid.

Anyways, another thing I have been thinking about is the Argent Tournament. At first, I was super excited about the BoA chest pieces. Now, after realizing A) they require an ASSLOAD of seals (which I don't seem to be acquiring quickly), and B) you need to have the crusader title to get them (I think I'm barely revered with most of the factions), they are starting to seem like a ton of work. I do 2 Argent dailies pretty religiously: Kill 10 scourge and 15 scourge. I do that along with the Ebon Blade dailies pretty much every day. On the good side, it's easy, quick and painless. On the bad side, it took me almost a month to get 25 valiant seals, and it will be 2 months to even get enough seals to buy the chest. And thats the leather chest only, which doesnt help my warrior and death knight (both of whom I am back and forth on leveling). I am assuming bloggers I've read about who are rolling in seals are doing threat from above and jousting every day? I hate the jousting, although if I can find a partner, foot of the citadel ones are pretty easy. Its just the commanders that I have to gang up on. Oh well, I guess I will do what I can until I get bored with it, thats the name of the game anyways, right?

Also, I did start a new blog, specifically for MMA related stuff. I have named it Fish on Fighting. My first post is about the over-ratedness of Bobby Lashley (I'm not approving of all former WWE wrestlers transitioning to MMA).

Here is the link. I am still going to be writing this blog for Wow, that blog will be MMA related.


Brey said...

Maybe it's not the same on your server, but every couple of minutes, someone in Icecrown general chat says "LFG threat." It takes no time to get 3-5 people to do Threat from Above. From there, most people stay in group and fly down to do Citadel, possibly hitting up the Scourge quests along the way. It takes about 5 minutes to do 5 Argent Tournament dailies. If they don't do this on your server, you should start the trend. I do those 5 per day and possibly the others if I'm bored or sitting in LFG.

thedoctor said...

Shaman(s?) definitely have an issue with bar space. There are ALOT of totems and other abilities that you don't need everytime, but you will need them at some time.

I highly recommend getting the bar mod called dominos. It helped me organize all my stuff by leaps in bounds. Plus, I have never had to update it since the WoTLK came out.

Here is a link to an article I wrote, within it has a screenshot of my setup.


If you dont want to go that route, I would atleast get a totem addon. There are a bunch of them out there that work great and that will save you alot of room on your bars.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

Actuall jousting is easy, i can do both the jousting quests in 10min and the whole Tournament quests within half hour,the trick is to have ur shield buff to 4 stacks always and charge the npc when it moves away from u and throw the spear if u are not close to the npc.Its also vry easy to find groups to do TFA and BBTC in my server.

Fish said...

Funny you mention dominos, I use it religiously, still seems like I need more space lol