Friday, July 3, 2009

I <3 Dr00ds

I think the title says it best, I seriously love druids. I can't really speak for Balance (I have a mage, I have another druid that I don't use that I speccd balance, just didn't feel right). With that having been said, both Feral and Resto are AWESOME and so much fun!

I've mostly leveled feral which is Cat for the most part and Bear if there's more than 2 mobs. Cat form does impressive damage, even against higher level mobs. Combined with stealth, I have been able to make the transition to outlands pretty smoothly. I am pretty excited to try multiple mobs in bear form with berserk (mangle 3 targets, YES PLEASE!). If the feral tree was the extent of my powers, I would be a happy man (I mean who wouldn't want a Roguedin?), however, I bought dual spec and so I've had a chance to play with the Resto tree too.

Let me tell you, healing resto, SO EASY!!! I am used to paladin healing (well, semi used to it, that was the extent of my healing activities before this exercise), which isn't much fun and you're normally waiting for things to cast, hoping your target doesnt die in the mean time. Druid healing is so much better an fun. Put a couple HoTs on the tank, swiftmend if necessary and if that doesn't work, nature's swiftness then healing touch. Once I get itemized (I still only have 1/2 set of healing gear), it will be awesomeness. I wasn't sure how I'd like healing, and I really really do.

I <3 my druid so much I'm doing something completely outside the norm for me: questing w/o rested XP. Yes, I normally like to quest just on rested, maked the leveling faster, but I like my druid so much, I barely even notice. One of these days I will get the BoA shoulders and really have some fun, but that requires a couple more heroic runs/raids so who knows when that will happen.


Far2009 said...

druids are really good healer and they have many kind of HOTS.I have a paladin and a shaman,which almost don't have HOTS.It's really disappointing that the main tank dead when I'm casting a spell.

Darraxus said...

I love my Druid healer. I am also gathering another gear set so that I can switch my second spec to feral dps instead of Moonkin.