Tuesday, June 30, 2009

upcoming vacation and random thoughts. . .

Vacation from work means more wow, which for me is a good thing. I've been recently consumed with leveling my mage and druid, mage is safe and sound (relatively) in outlands, druid is level 54 and should get there within the next couple of days. My only remaining character that I have any desire to level is my Shammy, who is currently level 20. Not counting the Shammy, that will bring my tally of horde characters at outlands or beyond to 6 (paladin, warrior, warlock, deathknight, mage, druid). I am reasonably sure the druid will consume my time while he's rested, although dailies and heroics on paladin will still more than likely be at least a part of my time.

I'm seriously considering dropping mining on my paladin for blacksmithing. The horrible pain that is leveling blacksmithing is keeping me from doing it. Also, the only other miner I have is my level 70 deathknight. And although death knights are easy to level, the appeal just isn't there. I also don't think 2 sockets and some BS only ret gear is currently worth it. Also, it would make my warrior obsolete (not that I play him much anyways).

I've dropped tailoring completely (for now). Probably until mage is mid-upper 60's, I'll pick it back up, but until that time, having him an herbalist seems more prudent. I did it so I could have an enchanter again, and with my lock at 60, he can max out, and I have TONS of mats sitting around (both my warlock and paladin were at times enchanters). And a ton of worthless northrend gear waiting to be disenchanted (who really buys items of the boar or of the gorilla or wolf?)

I am making my spiked titansteel helm tonight, putting the ebon blade head enchant on it, slapping an attackpower meta gem in it, and breaking some faces (or spider parts, as it were). I was looking at the boots from exalted ebon blade thinking "why is there a blue gem slot in these?" Green gems and purple gems seem to all have stam or Mp5 as their secondary stat. Stam is great. . .when I'm tanking. I really think I have enough on my ret set as is. Orange gems, well I'm probably going to be using etched (STR and Hit), I only have huge citrine, hopefully I get a few perfects. That should be enough to hit cap me, or nearly hit cap me.

Lastly, I am going to desecrate all the fires I can on my pally. If my numbers are right, its an easy 300 gold or thereabouts. Not too bad for some random flying around.

Random thoughts:
Inscription is really mat intensive and never knowing which minor inscriptions I'm going to get really sucks!

I hate jousting in the argent tournament. So much so, I've gotten valiant marks ONLY by killing icrecrown scourge.

I never get tired of the Ebon Blade daily where you shoot down the dragons. Best quest ever.

I really have no use for achievements, at least they don't incovenience me in any way.

I hate pvp. Even with the new video card, I despise it.

I hate most gnomes. . .unless they blog. It seems like I get constantly ganked by gnome mages and death knights.

I don't see the point of allowing people to transfer factions. My human pally is never coming over to my horde server. Leveling a horde pally 70-80, why would I want to do it again? Plus, I still prefer the look of human pallies (now if they let me make leshif human, but keep him horde. . .best not think about that).

Why is there blue tanking gear, and blue healing gear, but no blue DPS gear made by blacksmithing at upper levels?

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Anonymous said...

Re: Jousting...
Screw refined technique... it's all about the spam.

Shield up... spam charge.. spam, spam, spam, spam... run in, melee, shield, spam charge.

I was trying to be clever... always failed... now I just buy keyboards in bulk and spam charge.

Re: Gnomes, nice to know I am exempt.

Re: Ganking Gnomes... no one likes a ganker.. no matter the race, but Gnome Gankers are humiliating...