Monday, June 8, 2009

If college was like Wow. . .

Krizzlybear got me to thinking with his most recent post. He graduated from college (which is an awesome accomplishment, grats again!) and made some Wow analogies, which got me to thinking: What if college was like Wow? And then, What if Wow was like college?

If college was like Wow. . .
You would be able to spec into a certain major and EVERY employer would want you.
Needing on all the loots (use your imagination here) would get you swiftly G-kicked.
You could /ignore anyone blatantly being an ass and enjoy the soothing silence.
It would be completely acceptable for higher level friends to run you through difficult things.
Anyone who needed an answer on anything could swiftly be directed to any one of multiple thorough online sources.
Whenever a professor used a curve, 10% of the class would complain it turned into "easy mode" and the other 90% of the class didn't deserve to be taking it in the first place.
Anytime a major became too valuable, there would be an outrage that it was over-powered, and the deans would be forced to nerf it "to preserve balance".

If Wow was like college. . .
Attendance would be mandatory, but DKP points would be given out at a later indeterminate period at the RL's discretion.
Almost everyone would have multiple "alts" and even after choosing a "main" would flip flop between.

Anyone else have any more? I got a chuckle coming up with a few of these. . .

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