Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My vacation in Azeroth. . .

Well, this is going to be a decidedly HAPPY fishy blog post. First of all, I talked to my dad last night, the last of the virus has been cleansed from my system (no pun intended). I am picking it up after work today. As an added bonus, as I had already installed the new video card before this mess, I will be rocking my new 512mb NVIDIA card when I log in! (I know that is far from top of the line, but playing a 4yo game on a 5yo computer, it should be more than sufficient and way better than onboard graphics). I'm back and forth on whether to drop another 2mb of Ram into my system. I'm running XP so with the new video card 2mb should be fine, but there is a little voice in my head screaming "MORE POWER!!!" so we'll see. If that wasn't enough to make me positively giddy, today is my last day of work till monday. Thats right boys and girls, its time for a vacation. . .IN AZEROTH!!!

Ever gone a while without eating (either accidently or on purpose) and you eventually get so hungry you feel like you could eat the entire store? Thats where I'm at with Wow. Sure, there will be breaks for sleeping, eating, going to the gym, tasty adult beverages with friends, but my vacation will be spent mostly in Azeroth (and Outlands). As usual, I have a list of goals for my characters:

Leshif - Run heroics, get l00tz! Become more epic! I believe I am one JC token from the epic necklace, already have the ring, could use the sword and belt from H UP and shield from H CoS (although I'm tempted to make the titansteel shield because it looks cooler and has more defense).

Bullfish - My new fav alt. I have been reading everything druid I can get my hands on(thanks druid wiki, big bear butt, unbearably HoT, and thinktank), and I will admit, even thought I think a bear with horns is kind of dumb looking (and don't get me started on a cat with horns), the ability to Tank, Heal, and DPS with the same character is mighty appealing. I'm hoping to hit 50+ get my LW to 300, and pick up dual spec. Feral/Resto anyone?

Zefish - Outlands or bust man! I think when I left him I was pretty darn close to 50, that means 8 levels to Outlands. If only he weren't so squishy! I <3 mages, frost especially. I love leveling with him, and when I hit outlands I'm switching out his herbalism for tailoring and I can switch my lock's tailoring for enchanting (he used to be an enchanter, and currently I don't have an enchanter).

Dreadfish - Northrend bound! He has been level 69 for literally months. I have used him to skin, or hunt down people who gank my alts and thats about it. Plus with him running around Northrend, I can start stocking up on leather prepping for my druid. And deathknights are kind of fun.

Warfish - I have a love/hate relationship with my warrior. I love love love Titan's Grip. Its awesome. I would love to get ahold of a couple crystal forged war axes mmmmmmm goodness. The hate side - NO STAYING POWER!! I'm used to my paladin who kills slowly but can outlast anything. No self heals? (which isn't completely true, warrior is herbalist, but thats a c/d and not super powerful). Every other class I play (except the mage) has self heals. I'm just not digging not having them. With that being said, would be awefully nice to hit 66-67 to get to wear the adamantite set.

I am looking forward to the most enjoyable, cost-effective vacation I've taken so far. I won't come back to worth with a tan, but thats not exactly a bad thing.

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Darraxus said...

1) The Royal Crest of Lordaeron looks way cooler than the Titansteel one.
2) Once your warrior hits 75, he will get a self heal.