Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dr00ds. . . .

I had hoped to have my computer back up and running last night, but my dad was tired after work and as he's the one helping me out, I told him it would be fine to do it tonight. My hope is that I will be able to recover some data before re-loading windows and starting over. At this point I am pessimistic about the ability to repair the damage.

Onto brighter thoughts. I have been doing a lot of thinking about druids of late. Druid is probably my second favorite class in the game (Paladin is #1, every fantasy game I always go for plate wearing melee fighting self-healers). My biggest problem with playing them on a Horde server (I have 3 alliance druids) was the animal forms. Why do all the tauren versions have horns stapled to their heads for no reason? Enter new druid form art.

I am conflicted about the new druid form art. On one hand, I think it looks fairly cool. More detail, and the forms actually look like a tauren shapeshifted into something rather than just stapling horns on an existing animal. However, I still don't like horns on my cat form! (I'm ok with it on bear form, even though the broker in me sees a Bull/Bear as the ULTIMATE oxymoron).

I have always liked druids for their versitility, I personally believe (that US americans. . .jk inside joke, look here if you don't recall that one for a cheap laugh) that dual spec makes druids hands down the most powerful class in the game. By dual speccing druids can be endgame tanks, healers, and DPS. The kicker is that their DPS and Tank specs share talent tree AND gear. Since feral druids can be uncrushable with talents and get a massive armor buff in dire bear, their armor is mostly stamina, agility and crit stacking. If it sounds like the same thing a melee DPS character would wear, thats because it is. Since druids can wear leather OR cloth and their is no lack of caster cloth in the game, it makes assembling passable endgame sets easy to acquire.

Right now (ok, not RIGHT now, I have to get my comp up and running first), I'm leveling a mage and a druid. Both mid-upper 40's. I will probably have the mage to outlands first, but it wouldn't surprise me if the druid is my next 80.

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