Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dual specs, instance runs, loot rolls and sleepwalker. . .

I've been doing a lot of thinking about a number of things lately. First of all, dual specs are coming, in some form or another in the not so distant future. As someone with a paladin main, I stand to benefit greatly from them (every group needs a tank and a healer, being able to do either in a few minutes will be nice). There are a few other classes that I think will benefit more than the rest:

Druid - Again, tank to heals almost at the drop of a hat. Obviously gear needs will be different as well.

Shaman - Resto is a premium healing build, Elemental is strong with DPS and can off heal but lacks a lot of the tricks from resto. Guess what? Now you get both, and with the added benefit of probably almost identical gear. Shammies ftw (there you go doctor)!

Warrior - while it is true that arms and fury are both CAPABLE of tanking regular instances and prot can solo and PvP, switching from double 2-handed weapons to sword and shield is pure win (or single 2 hander for you arms lovers)

Priest - It is accepted shadow is the best for DPS, but you can't heal in shadowform. Now you can off spec as holy or discipline and much like the shammy, wear pretty much the same gear for healing or DPS.

Not to say other classes have no use for dual spec, but it is most useful for switching roles, do you really need two seperate DPS builds?

Onto the next topic, instance runs. I came to a conclusion today. Tanking regular instances is expensive (in terms of repair bills), time consuming, and there isnt really any gear to rationalize it (rep if you're wearing a tabard, but thats about it). The only reason to run them goes back to a previous post: practice. Have to practice the "easy" mode so you can run heroics. Now everytime I run a normal mode instance, that Iverson quote will be running through my head.

Another facet of dual specs will be the inevitable squabbles over loot. As I don't really play DPS classes as much(I love my non-paladins, but I try to get by on quest/crafted gear), if tank gear comes up, its mine, if a stray DK rolls on it, I'll kick him in the middle of the instance. Dual specs make it a little tricky, what if your off spec is tank but you're not tanking (or heals and you're not healing)? Well, my solution is if the person performing that role doesn't want it, you can have it, but the person performing the role gets first shot at it. If your off-spec is DPS, thats kind of a tough shake, then again, people performing the more important roles shouldn't get priority on everything. It is probably fair to state the mail and lower gear that is good for heals is DPS gear too and while that is somewhat of a gray area, if you're not healing in the instance and you're not tanking, you're rolling with the DPS anyways.

On a non-wow related note, I downloaded sleepwalker by Megadeth last night for Rock Band. Can't play it. That song is so freaking hard! I will admit, I have problems with triplets and things like that because although I am right handed, I play guitar games and real guitar left handed. I can't fret at all with my left hand. I can pick ok, but really fast rhythm gives me problems. So anyways, long story short, I downloaded a song that I cannot currently play lol I doubt I will ever be able to play "speed metal" IRL, its not exactly a horrible limitation and I can still get through most everything in the game on expert, but damn, I do love some Megadeth.


Occeleta said...

Don't discount the use of dual specs for the pure dps classes. While we will mostly see them go with a PvE and PvP spec. There are a few out there that don't care for PvP and could help their raids the best way they can. That would be with a high output AoE build for trash and then switch it up to a build more suited for single-target Bosses.

With rogues for example. With reduced cooldown for adrenaline rush combined with Fan of Knives, Blade Flurry and Killing spree. Combat woukd seem best for the aoe side of things. Where mutilate would be awesome for single target.

Syrana said...

Yay for some Sleepwalker! I usually am on vocals for it, but I've noticed that drums on that aren't too easy peasy... poor Sideshow! :D

As for dual specs, meh, I'm not planning on buying that anytime soon for my 'lock.

Väkis said...

Sleepwalker is an awesome song - the drums are one of my favourite to play - but the guitar is really hard >.<