Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home is where the heart is. . .

Maybe I'm just not that inherently social. Maybe I just inherently dislike people. I have had a hard time finding people to run with on a consistant basis on Azuremyst. There are a few people from that server than I enjoy talking to quite a bit, but with level differences it more feels like them running me through things than a group effort. Even if I was to get to 80, raids would still be an issue (not that I've even decided I want to run them). My solution is one that I came up with some time ago, partially dismissed, but now seems my best option.

Quest, craft, and muck around on PvE, run 1 character through instance content on PvP.

In my absence, MAS has had some issues and although I really enjoy spending time on Azuremyst, the time I have most had fun with in instances was spent on Daggerspine, on my very first character ever (even if he does look like he's about 17 lol).

It's easier to focus on 1 server's worth of alts, but really thinking about it, all I really need on my horde pally is to swap out my enchanting with mining (and I can auction off all those mats I was saving). Since all the wrath gear is BoE, I can send ore over to my orc. Tempered saronite ftw!

So in short, we'll see how this playing on 2 servers thing goes. I guess it's no harder than playing multiple alts, just play one till you burn off rested XP, then put them away.

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