Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shout outs to my peeps!

There are a lot of bloggers I feel like I know, Krizzlybear, the guys at WTFspaghetti, Darraxus, Gnomeageddon, Larissa, etc.

What I feel bad about is that there are people that I have known and played with for some time, and I had NO IDEA they had blogs. I'll be taking it upon myself to read their stuff, and adding their links to "blogs I read", and I can definately tell you, no matter your level, they will have something for you. . .

Code Red - Ed was one of the first players to join the guild who was not an employee (or spouse of an employee) from our old work. She's a good player and has a lot of experience as a hunter and is gaining experience as a ret paladin (even if she doesn't remember the "good old days" as a paladin lol)

Suicidal Healer - Someone who loves alts just as much if not more than me, Eus is one of the people I miss the most on Daggerspine. Her main is a Holy paladin, but much like me, she plays a little bit of everything, so I'm sure her blog with have some of that flavor.

Check them out, I'm sure it will be goodness. And there will be an update to come on my in-game activities. In short, hit 74 on pally, nexus mostly successful, got the blues. Got Kirin Tor tabard, on my way to 75. DK stuck at 65, mage is at 36 but rested and ready to go, warrior at 45 and shammy at 21.


krizzlybear said...

More mage love please. Burn through his rested xp now and get more later. DO IT! DO IT I SAY!

lmao, on a side note, my blogger captcha was "supgu," but naturally I ended up typing "supguys"

quite sad, indeed.

Edyion said...

Thanks for the shout out Fish much appreciated.