Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tag!! I'm it!!

So there is a general meme going around blogdom where you brag about getting the award, thank who tagged you, then tag 7 blogs to award, as read-worthy, then give 1o pieces of information about yourself. The 7 blogs you tagged then repeat the process. (This almost reminds me of the 25 things meme on facebook, but 10 is a lot easier).

I was tagged by One Among Many - A fellow ohioan, home of a pretty expansive blog list who has posted some rather hilarious and memorable blog posts (my favorite was help naming her pets). For some reason she thinks I have a gnome warrior, I don't :-P

Speaking of gnome warriors, bonus oxymoron of the day - A gnome with Titan's grip, think about it. . .

The hard part is tagging 7 blogs that havent been tagged before (if I've re-tagged anyone, sorry, my memory is bad, I've had many head injuries)

1. Player vs Developer - I dunno if he'll do it, but his blog is a gem, I really enjoy it

2. Critical QQ - See above, original huh?

3. Kaliope's crafting blog - A wealth of crafting info, this was actually the first wow blog I ever found, and her site Crafter's Tome is a favorite on my computer at home

4. Holy Shock - My old GM, coworker, and healbot supreme, he caught the blog bug too.

5. Honor's Code - We maintankadins have to stick together. . .I'll admit he's better than I am at it

6. Just my 2 copper - Good blog about making money in wow, without the rambling and ranting of the goblin.

7. Tobold's Blog - Yes, everyone has heard of him, and I highly doubt he has even looked at my blog, but I don't think anyone else has tagged him. . .

So again, my 7 of people that werent tagged (because I don't want to have to pick a real 7 favorite blogs, come on, thats not fair lol)

Next, 10 things you may not know about me:
1. Although I live in ohio, I am a HUGE New York Rangers fan. I have 2 Gretzky jerseys from when he played in NY (the statue of liberty jersey is my fav jersey ever).

2. Although I have never broken a bone, I have torn my hamstring, my rotator cuff, and had 6 concussions all either martial arts or weight lifting related.

3. I am right handed, but I play the guitar and guitar games left handed. I have very little control over the ring and pinky of my left hand, but picking is just fine.

4. My degree is in criminal justice, I have never nor will I ever work in that field, I did it to avoid calculus and chemistry.

5. I am a table-top gamer as well, although less now then when I was in college my fav game currently is west end games D6 Star Wars

6. I've always had a thing for Cammy from Street Fighter, finding a short blonde with the body to pull that outfit off is a challenge, I am /fail so far.

7. I am hopelessly addicted to the Kroger version of Diet Mountain Dew called diet citrus drop, I go through almost a 2 liter a day at work.

8. I trained as a pro wrestler for a while, not as a line of work, but just because I thought it was fun. For the record, my finisher was a michinoku driver.

9. I am a pretty good cook and I'm addicted to food network. I make the world's best chicken alfredo.

10. I would be unable to function without Zyrtec-D and advair. I have athsma and I'm allergic to cats, and I live with 5 cats.

Those are my 10 facts, I've enjoyed reading everyone else's :)

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Syrana said...

My degree is in criminal justice, I have never nor will I ever work in that field, I did it to avoid calculus and chemistry.

No fair! I majored in crim justice too, but still had to take a lab science course and stats. =/

Although, my science class was pretty cool..