Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dark moon faire and misc stuff. . .

I wouldn't really call the darkmoon faire seasonal content, but it is some of my favorite not always there content in Wow. One of the things I like most about the calendar add on that blizz did with the recent patch was that I can see when the faire is and in what area (I love the faire, but I didn't even like running/flying to thunderbluff when I was playing horde).

I don't know why I like the faire so much. I don't really do any of the quests, all I do is run to the "exotic goods" vendor and see what they're selling and buy what I want/can afford. I think what I like most about the faire is that it just feels fun. Before the faire starts, you can see people setting up for it, and there is this anticipation. Again, I don't really do anything at the faire, I just like walking around and being a tourist.

In other news and notes, I hit level 35 with my mage yesterday meaning I'm able to knock out all the pre-TBC tailoring stuff. I am sure most of you know farming spots for cloth, but just in case(these are in my experience the best spots):
Wool - Stormwind stockades or upper level trolls in ghostlands
Silk - Scarlet Monastery
Mageweave - Southern furbolgs camp in felwood
Runecloth - Blackrock Depths
Netherweave - Hellfire ramparts/Orcs in hellfire

I've leveled Tailoring on a few different characters and never really had to buy cloth. Obviously, most of you won't need this, but I thought I'd include it just in case. I've never farmed frostweave, so I wouldn't know any good spots for that.

I've been having a great time leveling my mage, I've even been running him on non-rested experience. It's a priority to get him at least to 58 as fast as possible just so I can make netherweave bags. I have an entire bank full of cloth and I could use the extra storage space on alts (and since I want to level tailoring anyways, I don't see the point of spending 10g per bag). Then it'll be time to start farming mats for the spellfire set.

So tonight, its cloth farming and messing with my Orc warrior. I want to see how a fury build works out. I've specc'd him arms basically since the patch hit so I've never tried out Titan's Grip. If it works out, I'll re-spec my draenei warrior.


Anonymous said...

Mage... did I hear someone mention Mage...

Gnome Mage is NOT an Oxymoron!

Ruhtra said...

May not be an Oxymoron, but they still make a squish sound when they get stepped on.