Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A post about my guild. . .

Its something I've been thinking about a lot lately, and it occured to me I have never really posted anything in depth about my (our) guild.

When I first started playing Wow, I was told in no uncertain terms I should roll horde on the server Daggerspine. I was working at a rather well known financial institution which shall remain nameless in the Mass Affluent Services department. After a while, we had a pretty sizable amount of the department playing Wow, enough to justify starting our own guild. One of our coworkers who had been playing Wow the longest suggest we name it Mass Affluent Slayers. Ruhtra, our fearless (most of the time) leader got the petition signed and got tabards together and Mass Affluent Slayers was born.

At first it was pretty much just people from work, but as with any group, it expanded to select people that guild members met in the game. I can honestly say some of my favorite guildies are people I have never actually met in real life. I make the sports analogy all the time, but our guild really does remind me of my hockey team. It also reminds me of a family, which I guess it is (Junior pally tank for the win!).

The guild has come a long way since inception. We have a few members who very well could have left and run mid to upper tier raid content pre-expansion, but they stayed. I think the reason I enjoy the guild so much is how close knit we are and how everyone cares about everyone else and genuinely try to help each other out. We are getting more organized and I really think 10 mans in the expansion are a reasonable goal.

I can genuinely say that without our guild, my gaming experience would not be the same. I may get frustrated by PvP (ok, HORRIBLY frustrated), and there are things that just make my blood boil, but our guild is really one of the parts of Wow that I enjoy the most.

Shameless recruiting plug: If you play Horde on the Daggerspine server, Mass Affluent Slayers may want YOU!! You can search for us and contact anyone about guild membership.

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