Sunday, December 7, 2008

Buying gold is supporting terrorism. . .

For once, I'm not making an analogy, I'm not trying to make a play on words. For every one of you that bought gold, thank you for ruining at least the day of someone that is part of the reason why I came back to warcraft, if not driving her from the game completely. Last night someone hacked one of our guildmaster's accounts, cleaned out our guild bank and sold all the equipment on the characters.

For all of you who see "farming" as a chore, something to be avoided, you had a hand in this. Maybe you didn't pay the people who did this directly, but you made this viable. If people didn't buy gold there would be no reason for people to do this.

In game, this action didn't affect me at all. I had nothing of value in the guild bank, I probably didn't withdraw more than 50g in over a year. This action hurt me more deeply than all the times I've been defenselessly ganked in any zone put together. I feel like I may be losing a friend over someone's pathetic action.

As I write now I have resolved to do anything and everything to restore the posessions that were taken. I will gather, run instances, take as long as is needed, do whatever it takes to get her back to where she was. Her happiness at seening me return was a large part in why I came back, I will do whatever I can to return the favor.

Nothing I say or do will prevent people from buying gold. There will always be someone willing to do anything to get ahead, no matter who it hurts or what it costs. To anyone who reads this who ever bought gold I hope you feel shame. Your actions and those of people like you caused this. I hope this time the damage can be repaired.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it insane how people pay real money for virtual money? I always found that amusing. I'm sorry to hear what has happened to your friend/guild. Blizzard can sometimes restore some of what is lost, but it might take a while. Personally, I don't mind grinding. I save it for days when I really don't want to think and I bust it out.... usually with some loud music and lots of treats. It also helps to have some good converstation.

In the past, I've done drives in my guild to bring up the mats we needed. Sometimes they were masked as games... like a scavenger hunt... some of the list is crap, some were mats...

If your guild has a DKP system, offer DKP rewards for farming up what you need, if not, well, perhaps you have a nice group and you can all farm together.

Really though, its early in Wrath. Any BC mats weren't worth too terribly much anymore, and since it IS early in the game, you likely have lost much of what you'll really need in the future. I wish there was some way to help you...

My best wishes, and apologies to your friend and guild.