Sunday, December 7, 2008

Carrying a shield does not make you a tank. . .

So lately I have been leveling a few characters besides my paladin. I figure once people get bored with the new content, the "old world" will become PvP hell again, so may as well level my "project" characters while I can.

One of the ones that I have been focusing on is my level 52 Warlock. I do enjoy drain tanking with my lock. I have heard destro locks do a lot more burst damage and I will admit I have been tempted to go back to demonology to try out the felguard (always a goal of mine), for now, I am sticking with affliction. Well, to the point of this post. As anyone who has played a warlock knows, there is a short quest line where you go to felwood and speak with an imp. It seems the imp wants to make a minion for himself and needs materials. (This is truly hilarious if you think about it). The final part of the quest involves going to the temple of Atal Hakkar, otherwise known as sunken temple. Now, I have run this instance MULTIPLE times on MULTIPLE characters. I had considered soloing it with my paladin (oh the dragon room would be fun!), but it is kind of a pain in the ass to navigate, and I get lost easily (ok, granted, black rock depths is not much better, but I had only been there a few times when I soloed it).

So, I joined the LFG channel and I get auto-added to a group with a character named "paladinsrock". I'm thinking "Well hell ya they do!", first problem though, he's level 45, a little low for ST. So I'm thinking, well, ok, decent tank, decent heals, I am probably over-powered for the instance, we can do this. So we get a couple other characters, 49 warrior and a Shaman (I'm guessing elemental, I never really asked, I know he was NOT resto). So I ask in party chat if the warrior is tanking. Paladinsrock (who will henceforth be referred to as PR) says "no, I'm tanking". For his part, the warrior said he's protection, but he'll do whatever. So I decided "well, maybe PR is in all blues I'll go check the armory." He is in lower level greens and specc'd straight retribution! So I asked in group chat if he'd tanked anything ever "yeah, I tanked scarlet monastery at 30 and mara". I suggested he let the warrior tank and was greeted with more of the same. So I did the most sensible thing in this situation. I left the group.

After leaving the group he whispered me "you're a dick". I attempted to reply "my main is a prot paladin and you trying to tank something you're not only completely not qualified for but when there is someone in the group better equipped to do so is insulting". I found out he had placed me on ignore. Very mature.

So if you ever find yourself on the Horde side of Daggerspine and you happen to run with "paladinsrock" or you are in a guild with him, you have my pity, I share the frustration that you feel, will feel, or have already felt.

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